Are the batch shipping estimates accurate?

I’m debating on pre-ordering a Framework 13 with an AMD motherboard, but I saw in another post that someone in Batch 5 hadn’t received their laptop as of a month or so ago. I need a new laptop sooner than later and I’m concerned about pre-ordering and waiting months to get it, but I really would prefer to have the Ryzen version, so how accurate do you think the shipping estimate for Batch 11 (currently available batch) would be? I should be fine to wait until early January to receive it, but if it’s going to be longer than that I’ll probably have to settle for the Intel version. Thanks in advance for any help.

In this blog post from about a month ago they’re on track to clear all batch preorders and have the AMD 7040 series laptops in regular stock by the end of the year. I was in batch 5 and received mine about ~2 weeks ago, but as the production ramps up the time between batches should lessen greatly. It looks like batch 6 and 7 have a lot of people expecting their laptops to arrive within 1 or 2 days.

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