When will it arrive?

I’m in need of a laptop rather soon for uni work so i was hoping people could give me an idea of how quickly the arrived??? maybe framework could show a waiting list which shows you when they are usually posted??

thanks tim

If you want to get a 13th gen Intel Framework, they’re in stock right now and you should be able to get them in a week or so. If you want an AMD Framework, those have been pre-ordered for a while and they are on the 3rd batch. You can still make a pre-order however, it’s probably going to arrive by the end of this year or the beginning of next year.


I ordered mine a while ago and it said that it will be (batch 8) available in Q4 thats oct, nov, dec. Will it be sent by then or is this a lie??

No one knows exactly. Batch 3 is currently shipping and it seems like they’re announcing new batches every 1-2 weeks so it’s possible that it may arrive by the end of December but no guarantees. The first few batches were pushed back as mass production was delayed and only really began in the middle of September.

The email yesterday also said preorders placed now (which would be batch 9) would ship within 2 months. But if you think the website might be a lie, you probably wouldn’t trust the email either.