Are the improvements included when ordering

I tried adding framework laptop 13 and it says battery 55 whr but in the blogpost they said it was improved to 61?

It doesn’t look like you’ve selected a Ryzen 7 or i7.

the new 61Wh battery that comes pre-installed in the i7 and Ryzen 7 configurations

I think I recall it being said that the factory which builds the other CPU configurations doesn’t have the 61Wh battery, which is why you can’t choose it (as an extra cost option). I could be misremebering that.

No, they just have lots of 55Wh batteries in storage and they want to use through the rest of them.

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Good to hear as i cant buy a battery for…weeks. All coming soon or not in stock… :frowning:

Yeah it’s a whole thing, see:

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