Are the swappable 16” keyboards going to have 13” versions?

Framework 13 owner here, absolutely hyped for the 16 to come out, though I won’t be grabbing one myself (at least not soon). I saw in PCWorld’s video that the 16 is getting a clear keyboard much like the 13 has. The clear keyboard for the 16 has RGB underneath it, which is unbelievably cool.

I don’t expect it, but I wanted to throw it out there because the key caps looked almost the same, will the RGB keyboards be getting a 13” version?

It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a compatibility or depth problem, but it’s an upgrade I would absolutely make, after the clear bezel and AMD main board.

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Probably not, the 13 isn’t designed to be a “gaming” (I’m using it very loosely here) laptop, more a productivity one.

I mean, it’s true that an RGB keyboard has “gamery” vibes but you can still use them without gaming. I personally think it’s super pretty and would be a welcome option for 13 inchers.

The connection mechanisms are completely different - I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is no, even for trying to port the RGB keyboard back specifically. The Framework 16 input modules are based on the RP2040 with USB 2.0 interfacing with the computer, while the Framework 13 keyboard is a ribbon cable, and I doubt it has the capability to support RGB over that. They’ve already stated that the input modules won’t be compatible at all with the Framework 13.

Wouldn’t an approach that framework has already utilized would be to develop a new part and provide an upgrade kit for those of us who own early generation equipment? Seems like something they could, and have, done; assuming that the height isn’t a problem. Lets go!


Having an RGB keyboard on the 13 would be great! Personally wouldn’t even need a ton of options for it, perhaps just a basic keystroke combo that switches between the ROYGBIV so we can choose a solid color.

From a sustainability perspective it would make sense for the two laptops to share as many components as possible.

When they are both out in the real world I’m sure we will be able to see more closely if it would be possible to redesign the FW13 input cover to use the same system as the FW16 or if not, why not.