Input Modules on 13 Inch?

Will you be bringing the input module concept to future 13-inch models? I know there’s probably only space for one large module (the keyboard), but there’s space next to the trackpad, and if all replacement keyboards/etc all used the input module it’d replace the need for the 13-inch-only keyboard options I guess?

Would just be nice to make it consistent along the two product lines. I’m guessing it’d need a new mainboard revision, as well as chassis work?

Per Nirav (CEO), Input Modules will not be coming to 13" any time in the near future.

NRP on HackerNews:

The key structure actually is the same as the Framework Laptop 13, including the same key travel. The overall module is different though to handle the interface differences, in a way that makes it not possible to retrofit into a Framework Laptop 13 unfortunately (we thought about this, but couldn’t make it work well).