Will the 16-inch keyboard part fit in the 13-inch laptop?


Will the keyboard part for the 16-inch laptop fit in the 13-inch laptop? I have a strong preference for the inverted-T layout versus the symmetrical left/right arrow key layout.

My guess is no, given the part for the input key cover in the Marketplace at the time of writing this. https://frame.work/marketplace/keyboards

I guess I am asking if there are any plans for the 13-inch laptop to be able to use the same arrow key layout as the 16-inch? A boy can dream. :slight_smile:

Thanks and have a nice day.

Unfortunately not.


Out of interest, has it been documented which, if any, FW manufactured components are interoperable between the FW13 and FW16 models?

I don’t believe there is a wiki page or anything that lists it yet, I think it’s been talked about that they’d like to create one. They’ve mentioned being really busy with things.

The expansion cards are compatible and the SSD from a Framework-13. Memory from an Intel Framework-13 is not, due to AMD needing DDR5.

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The expansion cards are interoperable between the FW13 and FW16 models. The FW16’s 180W power supply is backwards compatible with the FW13 as well. The FW13’s 60W power supply technically could be used for the FW16 as well, although that is not ideal.

Obviously, the RAM, M.2 NVMe SSDs, and M.2 WiFi modules are all interoperable as well.
Although the FW16 uses DDR5 and most of the FW13’s use DDR4, so obviously those wouldn’t be swappable.