Asking For More Information About DIY Edition


I am considering getting a DIY (12th Gen. Intel) edition. However, I have some questions about what I will need and future upgrades in more detail:

  • What else does the laptop have out of the box, such as the webcam, audio, and WiFi modules, a power adapter + cable, etc.? Is this dependent on refurbished versions?

  • Is the laptop dependent on the type of RAM (DDR4/DDR5)? If that is the case, when I want to upgrade the main board later, would the RAM also need an upgrade?

  • Is the maximum RAM capacity limited to the mainboards? An example would be upgrading the board to more ram than 64 GB on the 12th Gen. Intel version at some point in the future.

I haven’t done much for upgrading computers in general, so this insight is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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There is a section with this information on the page for the laptop on the website.

for the refurb laptops it is a section you can expand if you scroll down on the page.

Currently all Intel mainboards use DDR4 SODIMM modules, and will likely continue to do so until the processors no longer support DDR4. This is the case for the upcoming AMD mainboards, where the processors only support DDR5. Since 12th and 13th gen Intel processors support one or the other, Framework has opted to keep compatibility across all Intel mainboards, but it’s up to Intel how many more generations can do this.

Likely yes, there has been some discussion about this on the forums as the processors can handle more RAM, but the device is made and tested to the current limits of DDR4 SODIMM modules, so it is unlikely to change in the future. (there is always a chance this could change, but don’t rely on it.)


Thank you for the insight and details!

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They are all equipped with a webcam, audio and WiFi modules, but the expansion cards, SSD, memory and power adapter with cable are available separately. Note that shipping on these items later may be expensive, so it would be best to order these with the laptop if you need them.


Thank you for clarifying. I would plan to get everything I need all in one time, so great point about shipping!


Be sure to be on the lookout for local deals! Sometimes you can come across an online store or a local vendor that sells the officially supported memory and storage options for the intel 12th gen Framework laptop at a discount! You can save yourself quite a bit that way and afford getting something nice! Maybe a cheeky storage expansion card.