DIY Laptop (No Windows)

Hi All, I’m new here so be nice.

I’m super excited about buying my first Framework Laptop. I’m planning to get the 12th gen with 4 expansion cards 3 USB C and a USB A, 1tb ssd, 32gb ram. But I could be pursuaded otherwise?

If I order without Windows, will that affect any of the hardware or BIOS the laptop comes with? Also, will I be able to put Windows 10 (which i have a key for), then upgrade for free to Win 11 without any problems?

Actually one more whilst I am here - should I get 1 stick or RAM or Two? I heard 2 would be faster, but one would be upgradeable. But is the difference in speed that much and who needs to upgrade from 32GB for general use?

Nope! It will not.

You’ll be able to purchase Windows later or install any version you already have a license for and upgrade safely to Windows 11.

(For 12th generation Intel boards, you might prefer to start with Windows 11.)

I’ll save the RAM question for somebody else :slight_smile:


Yeah I heard that, is what got me worried. But considering the free upgrade from Win10, it doesn’t seem worth paying all that money. I asked Microsoft support for Win11 key, but they weren’t interested unsurprisingly.

The speed difference is negligible BUT if you use the integrated graphics for anything intensive (gaming) the integrated graphics are significantly degraded.

They revert to Intel UHD rather than Intel Iris Xe, and there’s a large drop in performance.


You should be able to install Windows 11 and activate it with your existing Windows 10 key, assuming it isn’t an OEM key from another machine and isn’t otherwise a non-retail key.


Hey there!

I recently purchased the same configuration, 12th gen, 2 USB-C, USB-A, HDMI, DisplayPort and Ethernet. I purchased a WD SN850x and 32GB (16x2) Crucial kit on Amazon (sales vs MSRP) which I loaded into my new Framework laptop.

As @DHowett mentioned, I went directly with Windows 11 using a Windows 10 key and had zero issues.

I also have not done the beta firmware upgrade, the laptop runs perfectly with the production firmware as it ships, and I’d wait for the beta to move into GA to ensure the kinks are worked out on it (there are some issues still being worked out, there is a thread about it), and the Framework driver package works 100% the first time!


Great. Thanks for the advice. Can I ask why you went elsewhere for the crucial memory kit and ssd?

Thanks. So to confirm it’s the 32gb with one stick which would degrade graphics performance?

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Yes. 2 X 16 GB would be much better.

But this is only for intensive graphics usage. For everyday usage, one stick is fine.


So first and foremost, I love Framework’s marketplace, product offering and pricing is great. That said, at the time of purchase the WD_BLACK SN850X 1 TB on the marketplace was $149 + tax. Amazon had it on sale for $89 (normally $99 on sale), so I scooped it up for $60 less. Similar with the Crucial kit, marketplace has $160 for DDR4-3200, Amazon was $82 for the Crucial kit (which was validated on the KB as CT16G4SFRA32A x2, the Amazon kit is CT2K16G4SFRA32A, What memory (DRAM) parts are compatible with the Framework Laptop?).

So it came down to the cost difference to be honest, and since I was being reimbursed for the build I was trying to save dollars and cents where I could :slight_smile:. Upside is with the Framework laptop, they give you the ability to!