Attachable monitor

Hey folks,

Have you ever tried to use an attachable monitor like this one SideTrak Swivel Portable Monitor 12.5" | Portable Monitor | SideTrak with framework laptop. I am wondering if it fits well and if the laptop’s monitor holds well the monitor.


I’ve decided to go with a lenovo m14 and m14t and absolutely love them. Even with the 4kg hinge I don’t think having the screens attached to the internal screen would be that stable.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to daisy chain the screens but you can attach a USB-C dock to either one and use the other one for power because each of them comes with two USB-C ports.

In combination with ddcutil you can easily adjust the brithness without using the physical buttons on the screens.

Having a stylus and touch support on the m14t is just the cherry on top.