2nd Monitor attachment

Was wondering if anyone has started working on a 3d printed kit to make an extra monitor supplied by @Framework to attach onto the laptop itself. I provided some links to provide context. Would be really interested if either a First-party or Third-party made something for it.


Just to kinda give an idea for how much this could be iterated on. There could be space for another full sized battery and it can charge the laptop while running (I’m assuming, idk how much can be delivered on usb-c). Just some ideas that I think would be cool to implement or iterate on.

I could really see the monitor attachment getting traction outside of the Frame work community with the 3:2 display, I imagine similar solutions are just not available or are very pricey since it’s still an uncommon, modern display. Then if you have the extra battery in there that can charge devices to boot? What better solution to a lot of problems laptop users have?

@RandomUser I might be ignorant on the subject, wouldn’t it be possible to run the display to the usb-c i/o to the laptop?

As far as the hinges go, it might be possible to have a folding back support that helps offload the weight onto a table.

Edit: Maybe something on a sliding hinge so when you push the laptop screen back, the monitor follows. Not sure on the mechanics, just spitballing.

Would it be resolved if it went to hdmi/dp instead and then connect via that to the laptop?

I guess that’s where the battery pack could come in, I don’t think it would be too difficult to include on the back of the monitor. Not sure if that’s all that would be needed, cable to convert display to the required display adapter + battery pack to connect for power.