Audio CODEC Quality — Framework Needs to Address Some Problems

I’ve had a 12th gen framework for nearly a year and have had audio problems the entire time. The click that happens when audio is active and the constant buzzing sound the entire duration of using audio has been well documented in the forums so I won’t go into it in detail here, but when reaching out to framework support I’ve received no help whatsoever. After dealing with multiple reps who had no clue what to do other than tell me to try things that obviously wouldn’t work, I finally talked to a rep who acknowledged the problem and eventually escalated my support request to someone higher up. The higher up basically told me that framework will not help me with this problem. The fact of the matter is that framework sold a lot of computers with this defect for full price without disclosing the defect. This is dishonest behavior and makes me wonder what other problems these computers have that I just haven’t stumbled upon yet. I wanted framework to be a good company that wasn’t anti-consumer, they originally gave me hope that not all companies in this industry are bad, but now I see that they’re no different than all of the other anti-consumer companies. I will never support this company again. Goodbye.

Hello @Jared_Brown,

this sounds like you are using your computer with Linux, right?

Are you experiencing these issues with one of the official distros? Or are you using something else?

Your message seems very vague and I can barely make out anything of it, other than you are disappointed with their support and/or your issue still not being fixed yet.


It says that this is your first post; would you consider posting some of the information that you’d have sent to FW support, such as the details about the RAM, SSD, and most importantly, the software, such as the operating system that you’re running, what drivers you’ve installed, and what firmware you have installed?

Maybe the community can provide some experience or insight!

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That won’t really help, the clicking and buzzing sound is well documented and caused by framework using the cheaper Tempo 92HD95B chip in most of their products due to chip shortage (which is documented here). The newer 13" Ryzen models will have the original chip again, so they should have good audio again.

@Jared_Brown I understand your frustration, but what do you want Framework to do? This chip is what the mainboards have, expecting replacements and so on won’t really work. You can get rid of some of the clicking sounds by preventing that chip from going into standby by tuning energy settings. But other than that, there’s not really much you can do except don’t use the internal audio hardware at all and get a USB dongle (or one of the new audio expansion cards, however I don’t know how good their quality is) plus external speakers.


Oh use a dongle everytime. I just picked up a Hiby FC1 dongle for like £23 a few days ago and the difference from my Dell and Frameworks audio output is night and day.

The original Framework speakers/audio work fine for basic stuff and for me are plenty loud but for headphone use, dongle all the way. You cannot make a luxury set of matching luggage from a sows ear.

Thanks - I’m going to experiment more with this. I actually got a very basic but smart dongle for my Samsung’s USBC port so I could use 2.5mm jack phones. I might test it with my (Third-wave) 11th gen Framework to compare the original audio chip with the add-in chip.

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Yeah, USB-C dongle DAC is the way to go.