There was a problem with my laptop and I actually fixed it!

I know a lot of people on here are pretty savvy with tech but I got a framework because I’m clumsy and have bad luck with technology so I wanted something easier to repair.

Well, something went wrong with the sound on my framework! My headphones weren’t getting sounds plugged in, but the external speaker worked. So unlike every other laptop I’ve ever owned, I decided to open it up myself to take a look because I knew it was safe to do so - turns out one of my speaker modules had gotten a little loose and literally ALL I needed to do was put it back into place!

SUCH A LITTLE FIX, and so easy, I’m so happy. When something similar happened to my old macbook they told me it’d cost $700 CAD to replace the whole soundboard. :sob:

And since my laptop was open anyway, I did some very careful cleaning and dusting to make sure it’ll run smoothly.

Now I just need to get a new cord, since my usb-c to usb-c cord for my adapter is fraying… but at least I don’t have to get a whole new adapter?

Nothing is perfect, but honestly the amount of stress knowing that I don’t have to just live with problems or replace my whole computer if something went wrong has been so worth it to me.


You are correct: you don’t need to get a new charger, just replace the USB-C cable. Just make sure it’s a cable rated for power delivery - there usually something on the package indicating it can deliver power.

I’m on my second replacement cable now. I somehow manage to torque the connectors enough to break them. Fortunately none of those accidents had affected the power supply or the laptop itself…

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It seems that the USB-C cable provided with the Framework laptop has a tendency to fray. I’ve heard of another report of this problem and my cable looks like it might fry in the (not close) future. I wonder how Framework’s USB-C cable compares in term of durability with other brands?


Yeah, I have really bad luck with adapters too. PC or Mac, my cables always fray…

Re: the note about power delivery - good point! That’s definitely something I will look out for, thanks!

Good question :thinking: I know my old MacBook adapter cables used to fray a ridiculous amount, I don’t know if they’ve gotten better with that. My other cables usually only fray near the ends, so I wonder if something could be done to the design to help mitigate that issue?

I have a rope-style cord for my phone that hasn’t frayed at all, though it has the other problem of not actually being good at charging my phone, but I got that one cheap at a 24 hour gas station so you get what you pay for.