Audio through HDMI not working (Fedora 35/36)

I’m unable to route audio to TV’s that I’m connected via HDMI. There’s only one option for an audio out and it ends up being the Frameworks onboard speakers. I had this issue in Fedora 35 and still in 36. I’m HDMI through 3rd party dongle. The dongle had functioning audio when I used it with a MBP.

Any Ideas? I think it may be a software problem and I was trying some fixes with pulseaudio and pipewire but those have not given me any results.

Is it a Sony TV?

Specifically…this one?

And what’s the exact model of the 3rd party dongle?

Were you using fedora on the macbook? If not it’s possible the issue is fedora not being compatible with your dongle.

@Second_Coming Sorry for the 2 week delay.

It happens with any TV, one of them being a Sony TV.
Here’s the amazon link for the dongle