August/Batch2 Delivery thread

Here in Canada it’s different. Both FedEx and UPS most of the time are really good and reliable. E.g. Samsung Canada is using FedEx to ship online orders to Canadians. And the order arrives next business day like a charm( especially if you live in some city). But sometimes both FedEx and UPS fail in really stupid way. E.g. I had an order from USA and UPS driver just dropped it to the porch of my neighboor … 5 houses down the road from me. Fortunately, after my call the issue was resolved in 1 day. And the root cause was: driver says his GPS software shows wrong house for my address. Even considering the fact both Google Maps or Garmin have correct maps, so I don’t know which GPS software UPS is using( OpenStreetMaps?). But I was shocked with his response to my statement that the neighboor’s house number is perfectly visible and it’s different from the expected( mine). His response was: “Should I learn the numbers to work as a courier?”. Honestly saying, I don’t even know how to reply politely instead of breaking his face.


July 24th order here, charged me last Thursday, still no ship. Opened a ticket with support@ yesterday, no response as of right now.

DIY 1165 fwiw

I think it has a lot to do with the management.
Personally I think Canadians take a more “do it right” attitude.


I really hate fedex… Mines been stuck in Chicago for 3 days. Then it pinged in a city 20 miles from Chicago then a city 10 miles from Chicago. Now I no longer have an estimated delivery date… Just “pending”. Probably never going to see this package.

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Add in the weather ( Ida) and things are going to be dicey for a while. I hope mine got out of NJ but FedEx tracking is vague at best.

We hear you on FedEx issues. It’s a combination of a few things:

  1. Logistics basically worldwide has been overloaded for the last 18 months. There are bottlenecks all over the place.
  2. In the last week, hurricanes and wildfires have thrown some additional wrenches in.

Both of these span all carriers.

  1. Locally, there is always a lot of variability in the quality of delivery depending on your local distribution center and delivery people. In some places that will make FedEx the bane of your existence. In others, UPS, DHL, USPS, or whatever other delivery services are available around you.

maybe i’ll receive it before i go to work


Bon courage mon vieux

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Got my shipping soon email on 8/26, nothing else as of 9/2. Still patient…

This laptop and another unrelated order are basically all that I’m living for right now. Don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when the anticipation ends. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m supposed to get mine today, but it hasn’t left the last FedEx Hub and unlikely to arrive since the flooding has been pretty intense from the storm. Interestingly enough, it moved from NJ to a farther away Hub :see_no_evil:


received and mounted
now it’s charging


Ordered the DIY i7-1165G7 on 7/27

Received the “We’re preparing to ship your order and will charge your card within two days” email on Monday but haven’t actually been charged yet.

Crossing my fingers that they shipped it already without charging me :smiley:

Edit: Card was just charged and will be shipping soon!

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@Avery_Uslaner @Jason_Bock in the same boat, all the others are probably in the same boat too. Eagerly awaiting my card to be charged

Mine made it out of NJ and it’s now sitting in the FedEx facility in Bellingham WA. Which is my closest service point 30 minutes away.

Hopefully they will deliver it from there (not holding my breath) estimated delivery still says the 7th.

So it might get trucked way down the state to another center (again) only to get trucked back up here to the north end of the state.

Time will tell…

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Mine just arrived today (September 2nd for those from the future):

  • Ordered DIY i7-1185G7 on July 29th, placed in batch 2
  • Preparing to ship batch email on August 16th
  • Preparing to ship order email on August 25th
  • Card charged on August 26th
  • Tracking info on August 31st

Haven’t put it together yet but I’m excited to!


Got 5 mins ago:
Can’t believe it!!! So if everything is fine I will get it one day next week. Just can’t wait anymore. Want to hack it ASAP!!! :joy:

P.S. Just for the statistics:

  1. Ordered on Jul 28
  2. Got sad message regarding delay on Aug 26
  3. Got “We are preparing …” message on Aug 30
  4. Got “your order is shipping soon” today, Sep 02
    I hardly remember last time I’ve anticipated something that much. :joy:
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A week ago I got the email saying my laptop was coming the 2nd week of September but today I got the email and it says they are shipping in 1-2 days. So when am I getting It?

It’s here!

Received the shipping email Tuesday stating delivery today. Glad they were correct!

This is gonna be so much fun…


That’s funny because those are the same times and date for me

Ordered 7/27 (1165G7), got the “Shipping soon” email 8/31, nothing else yet for me

Edit: Less than an hour after I posted… got a shipping notification! Should get here Tuesday