August/Batch2 Delivery thread

It is now August which means a whole new month of shipping laptops. If you have an August/Batch2 order can you post in this thread whenever you get an update on your order be it billing, shipping or delivery. This will give everyone a good idea on how the batch is proceeding and if to expect any delays.



I expect late August

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My order was originally Batch 2 and now I notice it’s been bumped to Batch 3…
Color me confusion.

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Wow @Krogo - I sure hope that doesn’t happen to my Batch 2 order! Have you checked with @FrameworkSupport - did they give you any explanation?

@gjason I have not checked with @FrameworkSupport .
I didn’t get any notice of the move either.

That definitely is unexpected. Could you double check what batch was noted in your order confirmation email? Note that when orders are going through quickly, a batch can get sold out while you are configuring and checking out, but a batch number should never change after that point.

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My order date is May 18, 2021 Batch 2. Could the notice be sent around the order date?

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@nrp I’ve sent an email to the support address that contains screenshots of both the email (which states Batch 2) as well as the website (Batch 3). Wish I had a screenshot of the Website showing Batch 2. You know how excited folks get, checking on their order moments after placing it.
I’m not upset, just curious if it’s something in the way I configured it that bumped me or if it’s just a glitch in the system.

Same same, only 17-1165g7.
I suspect we are looking at late august (which is absolutely fine by me). With regards to things being on track for the month, I’ll take no news from Framework as good news.


Same, i7-1165g7 (DIY) batch 2. No notifications as of yet.

An update would be nice as there hasn’t been an update to the shipping estimate page in a month. Not being impatient, there’s just a bit of PTSD from the Librem 14 fiasco…


There seems to be a discrepancy between the shipping estimate page and my order at least. I ordered the DIY i5 package and the order still indicates it is targeted for batch 2, not 3 as indicated on the shipping estimate page. I’d like to think the batch indicated on my order is accurate.


@retromat something similar was posted earlier in this thread. The poster ended up emailing


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For awareness, I did reach out to support. The information on the website reflects the most current availability and not the availability at the time I pre-ordered my unit. They said the information on my order is accurate and therefore the unit would be shipping in batch 2. I’ll add that I placed my pre-order in May of this year. I hope this gives anyone in a similar situation some additional clarity.

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I placed my pre-order mid to late May and my order still says Batch 2 - Ships August. Once I get it I will showing it to my boss as he is looking for a laptop with customizability and be able to repair.

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Early June (day they announced Canadian preorders)
DIY - i5
Batch 2 - Ships August

No update so far, I know the original posts said they would ship Canadian preorders at the same time but we will see :slight_smile:

@RandomUser This can’t possibly be correct, because I’m in Batch 2 and haven’t even been charged yet.

Maybe the order notice will come soon?

Thanks for spotting that. That appears to be a bug in our back-end. We will be sending out Batch 2 emails shortly though. Thanks for your patience.





Waiting for an email is a hard thing… But soon we hope

If all the batch 2 models are showing as shipped, I wonder if that truly means every order should be going out in the following week. Absolutely incredible for a startup like this to be ahead of the curve like that. Looking forward to seeing more people get their laptops and anxiously waiting for September for mine! Keep up the good work Framework team :slight_smile:

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