Automatic reboot before complete start

Hi All,
So I received my framework laptop 16 Ryzen 9 7940HS a couple of weeks ago. Upon receiving it, I set it up with Windows and Linux (dual boot) and updated the drivers and BIOS. Everything was fine until a few days ago.

Suddenly, while I was on windows, the screen went black, with only the mouse visible, but frozen. I rebooted and the same thing happened several times, sometimes right away, sometimes after a few minutes of use.
Then, it got worse, the computer rebooted automatically several times a second or two after the GRUB screen appeared.
Once or twice, I was able to boot on Windows, but got the same black screen as before, a few minutes after it started. Twice, I was able to boot on windows but immediatley ended up on a blue screen with “HYPERVISOR_ERROR”, which apparently froze since the “percentage number” got stuck at 0%.

I realized that these symptoms might be related to a RAM issue.
The RAM I have is the CRUCIAL CT2K16G56C46S5, (2 x 16gb), on the compatible list of RAMs on the Framework website (I bought it new in May 2024, never used before installing it in the Framework).
I tried each stick RAM stick alone, separately, on the “Channel 0” socket, but the behavior stays the same : automatic reboot as soon as grub displays (I have not even been able to get past GRUB on my few latest tries)

All of this happens both if I’m plugged in or running on the battery.
As of now, the laptop is basically unusable, and i’m not even sure what to do to troubleshoot since I barely get to turn it on long enough to do anything.

I’ve contacted support but haven’t heard back yet.
Anyone has an idea of what I can do / what might be the issue ?

Sorry to hear that you are having issues. Does it spontaneously reboot from the bios screen? Also, do you have one or two nvme drives installed? You might try running a bootable usb and see if you hit issues. If so, check the nvme drive - is the firmware up to date, do you have a different one that you can test, and so on. You also might try running memtest on the ram.

Best of luck, please post an update if you are able to get it resolved.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, it also spontaneously reboot from the bios screen as well as from the select boot (F12) screen, so I can’t run a bootable USB.
I have only one nvme drive, but as of now, I don’t have a different one that I can test. (But given that it reboot even from the bios screen, it’s unlikely to be a drive issue, right ?).

That’s unfortunate. Other things to try, likely all long shots, would be to reset the main board, and to check that all connections are solid - cables, drives, ram, and so on. If none of that helps then it seems like it may be something wrong with the main board, but don’t take my word for that, it’s just a guess. If that is what it winds up being, Support will take care of you.

Well, something wrong with the main board was what I was afraid of…
All connections “look” fine, but who knows…
I’ll wait to see what support has to say befor trying to reset the main board.
Thanks anyway