Orders outside of the US/Canada

So I just came from the Linus Tech Tips video about this, and I gotta say I’m in love with this product. The timing is great too because I’m in need of a new laptop, what with university starting back up again in a few months and my laptop being dead.

I’ve noticed orders are open for US and Canada only, and while there is a way to be notified once they open for other parts of the world, I didn’t see any estimate of a time window for that. So my question is, is there any such estimate, particularly for European countries? Would be great to have an idea of that so that I can see whether it’s worth waiting or if I should simply go for another laptop.


Me too, as I hope I can get it for school next year in Austrailia!

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People in Europe should be able to order before the end of the year, that’s all we know (besides that people from Sweden will probably have to wait until early 2022). That’s the gist of what was mentioned

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You can check past similar topics about the shipping, availability or a market. :slight_smile:


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Alright, thank you all for the help!

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