Backwards colors in kill switches


Is it just me or are the kill switch “color labels” backwards?

I’m having a bit of trouble expressing this clearly, but hear me out. Right now, both the kill switches are “off”, that is the microphone is muted and the camera is disconnected. They show a little red square that is clearly visible.

If I turn on the camera (say) by flipping the switch outward, the red label disappears and it shows up in “black”, almost invisible.

In other words, when the “spying devices” (microphone and camera) are ON they are invisible, but when they are OFF they are more visible.

I compare this with the “live” light you see on television cameras and studios. When the camera is recording, or when the studio is live, that light turns bright red to let people know they’re being recorded (or for people to look at the right camera), for example. In television, that’s called a tally light.

I know it’s really late in the design, but is there a way we could fix this to bring it backwards? After all, “red” is “danger”, right? :slight_smile:

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I agree with most in some sense but red can also mean off or stop, whereas green would be go.

I’m sure you can paint the switches with sparkly nail vanish :slight_smile:

well, if it was green when it was on, I wouldn’t be complaining. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the point is that if your mic or cam isn’t working, should quickly notice the red colour and turn the switch back on.

I think another reason might be that less paranoid people would probably complain over having a constant red notification there while more paranoid people could look at the red and be sure that the devices are still off.