Kill switch operation in direct sunlight

DIY 13" Ryzen here, which I’m super happy with. I spend most of the time with the kill switches for the camera and mic active. I noticed a string of camera connects and disconnects in my system logs in the past couple of days, and it finally clicked… we’ve had some sunny days here in the UK recently, and the kill switches being optical sensors are tricked when there’s direct sunlight coming in through the window behind me. And moving my head to cast a shadow on the sensor is enough to re-activate the kill switch.

As far as I can tell my bezel is correctly installed, there’s no obvious gaps, etc. It is the orange one. so I’m curious, has anyone else experienced this? It doesn’t bother me that much, but I would be tempted to pick up a black bezel if anyone can confirm they don’t have the problem with that one.


I have both black and orange bezels. The orange bezel is definitely less opaque than the black one. I’ve been using the black one for over a year without seeing the issue you describe; I didn’t see your issue with the orange one, but I used it only briefly.

Maybe painting the backside of the bezel near the sensors would make it more opaque and resolve the issue without obviously changing the appearance of the bezel; I think a model paint like Testor’s would be safe to use.