Batch 10 Guild

“Yes, we’re very sorry, all orders of the i5-1135 variant, both pre-built and DIY are on their way from overseas due to significant delays caused by COVID lockdowns affecting international logistics. We’re estimating that orders with this configuration will ship between March 23rd and March 25th.”

So It might explain why we can see some batch 10 shipping, and some batch 9 stuck : mine (DIY i5) was preordered 4th feb, payment is done, but no shipping yet (1 week after payment). They say it’ll be soon :pray:

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@FlyingFox.of.theYard I am in Germany and as I said, my order confirmation and all following mails said Batch 10.

I received the laptop yesterday and I am writing this message with it. Very happy with it, but still need to get used to the keyboard.

I ordered on March 14 and was shipped from Taipei on March 23.

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What’s the issue with the keyboard ??

There is no issue, I just need a little time to adjust. I am used to full size Filcos and a Thinkpad T15 and the Framework is a little more compact. It’s working well!

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That’s great! Mine finally shipped this afternoon (batch 9 to the Netherlands).

I just got a shipment tracking number! Still going to have to wait till April 5th to arrive at planet express’s warehouse and get redirected to my country.

I ordered a Batch 10 i5 laptop in mid-March. It should have been delivered on the 28th but was away and had to delay that until the end of last week. It arrived as expected and have to say, I’m really impressed. It’s a really nice laptop but not without it’s issues though I can understand such things given Framework’s age/size.

Two things I find a little frustrating so far:

  1. Battery life - it’s not the best but then I’m comparing to an M1 Macbook Pro as the other laptop in the house.

  2. When connected to my docking station (Dell WD19S) the two external screens intermittently turn black for a second before returning to normal. It’s a bit frustrating. Occassionally one turns grey and only reconnecting it to the dock solves that. Need to research this one as it’s actually quite annoying.

M1 truly is impressive in that regard. Much as I am an Apple-hater, I have to give them that. I have one of those as well (issued by my employer), and I can finally sit in a 1h zoom call without needing my power brick - something the previous Intel Macbook Pro could not do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apple has a huge advantage here, just because they have complete control over both the hardware and operating system. This lets them integrate the two in a way you can’t really do when the hardware and OS vendors are separate entities and do all kinds of clever tricks to take advantage of idle time.

My Framework (arrived last week!) gets around 5 hours of useful life on a battery compared to my old Air’s 8+, but it’s still pretty good.

If you want good battery life, I recommend switching to Linux. Windows is a power drain. With powertop, Linux on Framework can run up to 8-9 hours on normal usage (Which for me is coding with Atom, compiling small programs, and searching stackoverflow using firefox)


That goes against a lot of what I have read on this forum. I’ll try to update with references. :slight_smile:

Help with Linux

Just wanted to join my Guild. :smile:
I’ll just introduce myself.
My Name is Friedrich and I am probably (one of) the youngest Framework owners. I am 16 Years old, and from Germany.
I ordered my Framework on the 27th of March, and it should ship in the next few Days.
My School class does a 5 day trip to Auschwitz in May, and that was the main reson I pulled the Trigger on it now.
I just needed a Laptop and didn’t want to support ANY other Company, except Framework.
Also I would consider myself a Maker and I will probably make a few custom expansion cards. I have a 3D Printer and am quite talented with Soldering and electronics overall.

My Plan with the Framework is to set up Triple boot with Windows, Linux and MacOS. All though MacOS is more for like joking around, and the rare case, that a Program is only available for MacOS.
I will mostly use the Laptop for Text processing, Web browsing, Network management, Movie/ Video Streaming, and a little Gaming. (Sometimes with EGPU)

My config is:
i5 1135G7
3x USB-C
3x USB-A
1TB SSD(bought externally)
16GB 3200MHz(bought externally)
And the Framework 60W Power Supply.

@DirtyDan How long did the shipping take for you? I’ve heard that in Germany it ships directly from China. Was that true for you?

Thanks in Advance!

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Manufactured and shipped from Taiwan ~ I would not refer to that as ‘China’


Oh, sorry! I somehow remembered that wrong…
Allthough it doesn’t make a huge Difference from a shipping time standpoint. :sweat_smile:

Also, I just got the E-Mail, that my Framework
is on its way now! :partying_face:

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Maybe not, but it’s just about the largest international political issue on the planet.

I love to buy from Taiwan, I hate to buy from China.


its been sometime but i finally got mine a few days ago, schedule are as follow:

10-Mar: Ordered
30-Mar: Shpped
31-Mar: Arrived
14-Apr: Arrived in Hong Kong

i have installed linux mint and everything is working great except the trackpad
i mean, it is working perfectly fine
but switch from mac to framework put my standard a little bit too high with it :rofl:

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What does the box say regarding where the product is made? If it says made in Taiwan, I’ll get arrested for trying to import it to China, even as a foreigner. Currently stuck in customs.

@Insignificant On the box it states the sellers (Framework) address as:

Framework Computer Inc C/) Diversified International Logistics Co ltd.
address: FTZ International Logistics Center 2F-6, No. 7, Hangxiang Rd, Dayuan Dist, Taoyuan City 337407, Taiwan.

Really are you in China? :shushing_face:
However I imagine lots of the components are made in China. I’m sure the powerbrick is. :smiley: