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So, I’m mostly just here to gripe, because I’m incredibly annoyed, but I would also like to spread a little awareness and maybe get some help from the Framework team if I can, because I don’t understand what is going on.

So My laptop “has shipped” as part of batch 5, I ordered it late October, and got the “preparing to ship” email on Nov. 9th, and the “shipping soon” email on Nov. 10th. I then got an email from FedEx on November 16th that my shipment from “TechData Corporation” had shipped, which has to be the laptop, because I hadn’t ordered anything else that would fit the size and weight of the package. It didn’t make any sense to me that Framework would ship anything without their name on it, but I don’t actually know their logistics, so I let it go. It is now the 26th, and I have no package. The FedEx tracking originally said it would arrive Tuesday the 23rd, which I was originally okay with because it was shipping from New Jersey, and only on ground (should have been on priority IMO, but there isn’t anything I could have done there). The package tracker says that it is “in transit” in my city, (I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah, for context) though it’s been there since Tuesday, and not a single thing has changed in 4 days. I don’t think I have to describe how infuriating it is to know nothing at all about what is going on with my laptop, and I stayed home from the family vacation this week because of a school conflict on Tuesday (don’t get me started) and this laptop was the only thing I really had to look forward to. I’ve gotten no word whatsoever from FedEx, and am starting to dislike them as a company, I will take my business through USPS in the future when I can. My main concern is that the package has been lost or even stolen somehow, because if it has there is almost no way to know and essentially nothing I can do about it, which would be soul-crushing.

I’m hoping I can get some kind of acknowledgement from Framework here, because it is their choice of shipping that created this situation, and while I don’t blame them, I think it would be wise to go with another shipping option if it is possible, because I would hate for anyone else to go through what I have.

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@FrameworkSupport @Framework

Looks like you’ve discovered the wonderful experience of FedEx.

Huh… Framework should have sent you an order has shipped email.

That being said the fact that I got the “your order has shipped” email but the package hasn’t even been picked up by FedEx but only registered into their tracking is slight nuisance.

FedEx has done this exact thing to me on several packages. I’ve had negative experiences with most of the major shipment companies to be fair but this behavior (where they say it’s in your city for days but it never arrives) from FedEx seems to be disturbingly common.

I find that calling FedEx customer support is the best way to get this sorted quickly. I believe if the shipment is more than 24 hours past the expected delivery date that they provide their support agent will actually start a trace on your package and that will usually get it delivered more quickly.


Please see previous threads on the topic:

I’m in the same boat. Ordered in September as part of Batch 4, and both the original and THE REPLACEMENT order have been fumbled by FedEx after making it on a delivery truck less than 10 miles away.

While this is ultimately FedEx’s fault, we need to put pressure on @Framework to move away from FedEx as a shipping provider. Individual consumers opening up cases with local FedEx sub-contractors will do nothing. Our best bet is to withold our business from @Framework for their choice, and in turn Framework threatining their business with FedEx will have the potential for anything to change.

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Going to add to the FedEx complaints chain here.

Was scheduled to have my i5 DIY delivered yesterday, after it sat in a facility about 10 miles from the destination hub for 24 hours. By late in the evening, they updated the shipment to pending with no delivery date.

This morning, the tracking updated to “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”. Great! Then within minutes the estimated delivery date changed to Monday the 6th, though the package still shows as being out for delivery (in one area of the tracking info, and in transit on another, and scheduled for monday on another)…

Calling FedEx does no good, as no one at FedEx seems to have any idea what’s going on with the package. I called a few times and got wildly different answers suggesting I’ll either get my package today, tomorrow, Monday, or several days into next week.

Have contacted @FrameworkSupport and hopefully they can initiate a package trace or get some kind of definitive answer from FedEx.

In the meantime, just figured I’d share my negative experience with FedEx, a company I think is incredibly, incredibly bad at residential delivery.

So my laptop arrived a few days after initially making this post, and I’ve been messing around with Linux for a few days, because even though I ordered the windows key, it didn’t come in the package. This doesn’t fall on FedEx, the windows device isn’t on the invoice, but it is yet another shipping issue, I paid for the stupid $140 windows key, but I didn’t get one, I’ve been attempting to use linux to get my needs met, but it won’t run the games or music software I need it to, so I’ve attempted to move back to windows (I know it quite well, and have been using it for years on my old laptop), but I don’t have the key, so I loaded windows onto a USB disk and put it on my laptop, only to find that nothing works because the drivers that needed to be on the system were on the USB stick, and I don’t have those either.

I know I can download the drivers from the website, and I’m about to go do that, but this is just another issue in regards to shipping.

Edit:This was a misconception on my part, see further replies

@Luke_Oliver you can install windows without the activation key. Just download the windows media creation tool from microsoft and install it, selecting “I don’t have one” when it asks for a key (this works for windows 10 idk about 11). You then have like 10-30 something days to activate it. After that it still works but they disable a few features until it’s activated.

That gives you time to contact framework support or whomever you paid for the windows license.

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That’s what I ended up doing, hopefully it gets sorted out, because at this point they don’t have to send me anything in the mail, I just need the code now.

There’s a ghost of a chance that it was in an email and I missed it, so I’ll have to go look back through them all.

If you log into your account on Framework’s site is the key somewhere on your invoice or under your purchases?

That’s exactly it @lbkNhubert, I went and looked just now and that’s where it is, I was under the misconception it would be shipped as a bootable USB disk or some such. My bad !

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