Batch 6 diy - thunderbolt / usb connecting and disconnecting in windows 10 event viewer - system event sound

I keep getting windows 10 system event sounds of a disconnect, and then my thunderbolt / usb-c device reconnects (ThunderboltBusDriver). The windows system event viewer tells me the following: “Driver exit RTD3. All the connected devices will now cause DeviceConnected events” and “The driver entered RTD3. All the connected devices will be removed from driver’s internal state, so it is expected that DeviceDisconnected events will happen.” It appears to happen intermittently.

My USB shield fix was applied (it was sitting on the board) according to this fix: So I fixed it, but I am still getting the intermittent system disconnect sound from windows, and I’ll need to check my event viewer more often, because it appears to be more than just a one off - even after physically correcting the misapplied usb shield.

Has anyone else had this problem? Am I overlooking anything else? This still keeps happening at unpredictable intervals. For what it’s worth, this is when the USB-C charging port is plugged in at the upper right, USB-A at the lower right, HDMI at the upper left, and the portable drive with Ubuntu installed (not running) on the lower left port.

I’d also like to add that my expansion drive, regardless of where it’s placed (and now I have two modules), will constant disconnect and reconnect, triggering a system event. There is something going on here, and I have definitely corrected the EM shield. Notice the constant disconnect/reconnect going on. This is happening without me removing or replacing any USB devices.

For what it’s worth I’ve started looking more closely at this and it seems to happen only when the 250gb expansion module is plugged in.

I think I may have figured this out on my own. I disabled USB selective suspend, and the issue has not repeated.

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