External screens disconnect and reconnect a few times a day

When I am working in my office with a Kensington dock and external monitors, my monitors disconnect and reconnect a couple times a day randomly. I am seeing two relevant items in the event log 1 second apart at the time it occurs that both say “Kernel-Power…Power source change”.

Has anyone seen this? It appears the dock is cutting power delivery for a split second out of nowhere and then starts up again. I am guessing either my dock is misbehaving or there’s some sort of compatibility issue. This issue started when I switched from my XPS 13 to my Framework laptop about two months ago.

Have you tried all four ports ?

First step with thunderbolt is always correcting power management weirdness. I’d get BSODs a few times a day initially because my egpu would do this.

Are you on Windows? if so, you’ll need to enable the hidden power plan options with a registry hack (there are tutorials on how to do this manually and a few .reg files as well), then disable Link State Power Management.

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Yes, I tried 3 of the ports. No difference. I will try the registry hack. Thanks everyone!

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Update for everyone. I have now tried 3 different docks (two of which are listed as ok on the master dock compatibility thread on this forum). The latest is the Anker 577. It is incapable of waking up from sleep unless I unplug and replug it in every time…multiple times a day.