External screens disconnect and reconnect a few times a day

When I am working in my office with a Kensington dock and external monitors, my monitors disconnect and reconnect a couple times a day randomly. I am seeing two relevant items in the event log 1 second apart at the time it occurs that both say “Kernel-Power…Power source change”.

Has anyone seen this? It appears the dock is cutting power delivery for a split second out of nowhere and then starts up again. I am guessing either my dock is misbehaving or there’s some sort of compatibility issue. This issue started when I switched from my XPS 13 to my Framework laptop about two months ago.

Have you tried all four ports ?

First step with thunderbolt is always correcting power management weirdness. I’d get BSODs a few times a day initially because my egpu would do this.

Are you on Windows? if so, you’ll need to enable the hidden power plan options with a registry hack (there are tutorials on how to do this manually and a few .reg files as well), then disable Link State Power Management.

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Yes, I tried 3 of the ports. No difference. I will try the registry hack. Thanks everyone!

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