Batch 8 Guild

Reached Stage 5 during the night. Now the waiting. :slight_smile:

Mine got an update that it will be processed for customs. Current Location Bahrain.

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Just received mine in Paris !
One day before DHL expected delivery :smiley:


Mine too. I will have a look what could be the next flight. It could be directly Leipzig or it´s Milan.

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Mine seems to have hit the UK, but so far no update about any last mile courier… Will give it until tomorrow then raise a ticket I guess.

2022-02-27 22:10:18

UnitedKingdom, HUB scan

2022-02-27 17:54:59

UnitedKingdom, Shipment To Coloader

2022-02-27 13:30:00

UnitedKingdom, Custom Release

2022-02-27 12:25:54

UnitedKingdom, Unbagged Shipment Received

2022-02-24 19:42:27

Taipei, Processed for Export

I’m in the same boat as you, but I’ve already been in touch with DPD who suggested that there was a problem with the shipping details. I also raised a ticket with framework yesterday and I’m waiting to hear back.

However, it seems like framework made a mistake when dealing with customs: Recent Customs Issues with Framework Laptop Orders (UK, FR, DE)
So that’s probably the issue.

Out of curiosity, where in the UK are you shipping to? I’m in NI so I was suspecting this was a brexit/NI-border-but-not problem.

Yep, Northern Ireland. DPD UK Usually seem to pass parcels over to a local branch of, but never had an issue with any previous parcel whether it be EU or further afield.

So can confirm that my package left Bahrain and i´m very sure it is on flight 3S539 to Leipzig and will arrive there 18:13 local time. So maybe I can have my package maybe tomorrow. Hope there is no shennanigans with the customs.


Well, last night was very exciting for me :slight_smile: All arrived with the packing in far better condition than most domestic deliveries are by the time they get to me!

Initial impressions are it’s definitely worth the wait. Super simple to get everything put together - and it feels so good to use. The keyboard is incredible - I was straight to 90wpm 95% accuracy on a very first quick typing test, and it just feels so comfortable.

Windows 11 installed perfectly happily, with drivers for everything except the fingerprint reader. No problems at all with installation, booted straight up into my bootable USB (after what felt like an absolute eternity of memory training, but was probably about 2 minutes). I didn’t have any of the problems others have experienced with the trackpad or Wi-Fi :slight_smile:

My invoice was also wildly out…to the order of about 30%


Pretty frustrating if they’ve messed up because of whatever customs nonsense happens over the Irish sea. Stupid David Cameron ruining my week.

Yeah, mine has arrived !!

Not so much Yeah: Its not posting…

I think someone in this thread also experienced that and there is a guide on the forum to fully reset the motherboard which seemed to have worked.

A simple RAM reseat did the trick for me.

Now I cant stop smiling


Any thoughts on that? :slight_smile:

+1 for shipping out Batch 8 with latest Bios. (Yes it is Version 3.07) That is a first for me with modern hardware. On the other hand installing Win10/11 is just not as exciting as it used to be with 95/XP. At least we had a driver bundle to install.

-1 for you financial processes. While homepage and ordering process clearly states price includes VAT there is not one document, order page etc that actually lists this. For Eu standard this is so unprofessional. No wonder struggles with customs.

-1 for the power adapter using clover leave/Schuko/CEE 7/4 cable (+123gr, for a 1 meter cable where the adpater is only 113gr).

Yeah is the same for me, but no worries. Your package seems to be on the way to Leipzig already. Like mine too. Landing is around 18:00 local time. Better to use the DHL tracking at this point.

EDIT: or use DPD for Tracking to UK.

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Checking DPD usually gives you more insight for last mile deliveries.

My parcel has went to 3 or 4 different hubs within the UK.
Bit of a pain to say the least

Got mine today too, and already setting up everything. I like it. But does anyone knows how to make the laptop screen dark? For example if you use an external monitor and want so save battery life. Normally i would found this with the “fn” key.

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Freight paperwork is usually based on the net value, that is, without VAT or Customs charges. It’s possible that someone slipped up and put the gross value (what you paid) on the paperwork, which includes estimated VAT and Customs charges. Then when the final invoice is created, the real VAT and Customs charges are added, and voila! 30% higher.


Looks like the Linex tracking. Use to get the DHL tracking. I have the same timestamps, and it looks like mine is on its way to Leipzig, arriving at about 18:00 CET. Arriving on Monday likely because DHL Express doesn’t want to work on Saturdays.

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