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According to a DHL blogpost AeroLogic does the Leipzig → HongKong → Singapore → Bahrein → Leipzig round 4x a week, but I can only find 3 for the past week on FlightRadar for example. Indeed it looks like no flight is scheduled for tomorrow Freighter Departures | Singapore Changi Airport which explains the 7th as a delivery date cause it would only get to Leipzig on Friday/Saturday and then be processed in the weekend.

Looked again, I was wrong, only twice, but…

BOX539 was the other one I found - both planes go twice/week - so it seems there are indeed 4/week on Tue-Fri

I looked also again and it seems tomorrow is no flight. For interest of the rest of us (except UK): As I found out there are 3 possible flights AeroLogic can take from singapore to Leipzig: D0303/3S543/3S539
D0303 6 times in last 7 days
3S543 3 times in last 7 days
3S539 2 times in last 7 days

I think i got also the flight tracking illness :smiley:

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Germany here, mine has arrived in Leipzig. I got a call from customs. Apparently the paperwork is not sufficient to just get them processed in German customs. I have been asked to supply an invoice and payment proof. They submitted a scan of the label and the declared value on the parcel is almost €200 more than I paid - which I can not explain.
This is also the reason I found out that the website does not offer an invoice download at all, and nowhere to find the VAT sums explicitly stated.

Apparently, to get it through customs, I will have to aggree that DHL will pay whatever Customs payments are deemed due, along with a hefty extra processing fee for themselves.
Since I ordered “including VAT” this smells a lot like I am going to have the choice between unpleasant discussions about extra money with support or remittance and refund hassles.

You may be OK as I had a paper invoice that was £500 over the actual price, but it was delivered fine as per the online price.

I think you need to contact Framework Support and give them as much information as you can about this. The VAT and import charges should be their responsibility on this, and they will have contracted the logistics company so it’s them that’ll have to talk to DHL to get it sorted.

Difficult to know why the invoice would be wrong - does it itemise things? Some of it will be the cost of shipping, but again as far as you’re concerned you’ve already paid all relevant taxes and charges so it’s for Framework and their shipping agents to sort out.

Sounds a bit like you’ve been unlucky in getting a particularly picky customs agent or one having a bad day…this is the first report of there being any issues in Germany!

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See As others have stated, create a ticket and let Framework handle it.

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Hi @F_Behrens. We’re very sorry about this. It is true that the Commercial Invoice that Customs uses has some incorrect pricing which shows a higher price than what was paid. We’re addressing that with our fulfillment partner with urgency. That said, it shouldn’t have caused a delay in delivery an we’d like to learn more. Please submit a support ticket and we’ll investigate with our logistics team right away.


After having to contact DPD 3 times before they would actually give me any info and I finally got this this morning.

I’ve contacted framework and I’m waiting to hear back. Praying this is all a big misunderstanding and I’m not going to be waiting weeks for this.


Please submit a support ticket and we’ll investigate with our logistics team right away.

Thank you. As requested I submitted a ticket (a.k.a Contact Form “general product or ordering question”) about 5 minutes ago, since I could not find a dedicated ticketing system on your Website.

Every item was another 33.33% more expensive on the invoice attached to the item when I received it. ie 2000 rather than 1500.

But there was no delay and no demand to pay. So await the arrival and see how it goes :blush:

According to the DHL tracking my went to Milan Malpensa. Last tracking from Hub-Ez shows the parcel still in Singapore :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Guess it in the end did go to Bahrain and then to Malpensa with QY541. It appears there are two flights today from Malpensa to Leipzig, but none to Münster Osnabrück FMO, which would be the closest Airport to the service area.

Brings back memories. I used to land in Malpensa every second week Pre-Pandemic :slight_smile:

My tracking shows Milan as well. My DHL service area is Dillenburg for which the closest airport is Frankfurt (FRA). So I guess I was tracking the wrong flight (3S543) all this time?! :smiley: This makes the estimated delivery date of 04. March look more realistic. If the parcel would have been handled in Leipzig, it should have been here by tomorrow.

I haven’t seen any flights from Bahrein to Italy so I’m thinking it might actually be at Leipzig but Italy is used on paper as the customs are easier there (at least from what I’ve heard in the past).

EDIT: Seems like there are very frequent flight between Leipzig and Malpensa, might have not even been touched in Leipzig and directly forwarded to Malpensa.

According to the tracking it went through Bahrain.

Generally if a plane had come in from Singapore let’s say and needs to go to Leipzig and then another airport it will not even be processed at Leipzig, directly out of the plane into another plane.

I would indeed expect the same, but it all makes sense now, I found the plane from Bahrein to Milan. So my package was actually taking off in Bahrein and put into another plane. As of this night it has been flown to Cologne (needs to go to Nordhorn) after being sorted in Italy and the customs have been cleared. Seems like it is already on a truck to the final sorting facility.

My delivery time has changed to today.
I hope it arrives safely.


Mine as well! Apparently currently on its way to its final destination (which is me!)

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@ronnn mine is Dillenburg as well, nevertheless my Shipment is now stuck at Customs in Leipzig. So I would not take high bets on FRA.