Battery charging to 99%

I am charging my amd FW 13 for the second time since getting it Friday and it is only charging to 99% (using the framework charger)

Should I just keep waiting or is there an issue?

I had let the battery go down to 30% before I turned it off and charged it. I turned it on later and it charged up to 99% but then seemed stuck there.

While we are on the topic, I was always under the impression that once a bettery gets to around 40% you should charge it.
Is that still the best practice with these batteries?

Update -

So it did get to 100%

But I am reading that you should generally not go below 40% and charge to 80%

So I should not charge it to 100%

Feeling a little confused…

You can set the charge limit to 80% in the BIOS.

Is that what framework recommends? I could not find any info from them about it…

These are common recommendations. If you have a device, which has a battery only and get discharged because of regularly use, you can charge it up to 100%. If you have a device which is not discharged regularly and sits on the table to wait to get used, it should be charged to 80%. That’s why DJI drone batteries discharge itself to 80% if they get not used within some days. If your laptop stays connected to power the most of the time, you would like to charge it to 80%.

The battery probably took quite a while to reach an indicated 100% because the battery controller wasn’t yet properly trained.

Charging and discharging the battery causes wear; charging the battery fully tends to cause the most wear.
The charging limit exists to make it easy to avoid fully charging the battery, making it easier to reduce wear.

This isn’t very helpful if you want to use the battery’s full capacity, like me.

In general, try to maintain 40% to 80% battery life as the target range overall. You don’t have to be perfect and you shouldn’t expect yourself to be.
The battery wears a bit when charging and discharging. Charging gradually causes more wear as you get closer to 100%, and vice versa as you discharge closer to 0%. If you want to maintain the longest possible battery life, you try to maintain the 40% to 80% range roughly. I keep my phone around the 70% to 40% range in general for the same reason.

Everything you could ever want to know is right here: Learn About Batteries - Battery University

BU-808: How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries - Battery University

I am managing the battery life of the Framework at 88% max and discharging to around 30% to 40% before charging, to have a happy medium for a battery I know I can replace without much issue when needed.

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Basically as it requires more effort to charge to 100% and also when low, both causing heat which is the main degredation.

On my phone I use 50/80 ideally but more like 45/87 :slight_smile:

My Framework is generally plugged in with a max charge of 78% though occasionally, at least once a month, I run down to zero and then charge to 100% for a day or so.

The monitoring gauge is a bit rough. You can calibrate as I mentioned or install another app to see how that compares, but yes the last 1% can take a while.

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Good thing that FW allows you to replace battery on your own.
So battery maintenance isn’t as critical or costly.