Help with my battery - use always plugged in

I mainly use my laptop while plugged in - or at least I CAN… I don’t use it like most people, as a laptop - I’m always at home while using. In fact, when I go on trips I usually take a cheaper laptop that can take some damage. :stuck_out_tongue:

At any rate, if I’m always going to be plugged in, should I turn the battery OFF in BIOS? This was a feature that stood out to me when ordering…

Anyone else on the BATTERY OFF train? Or can we discuss it? What are the pros and cons - what use cases would benefit from turning off the battery?

I’d love to know what you think - and would appreciate any thoughts on the matter.

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Unfortunately that setting can’t be permanently toggled

That setting disconnects the battery temporarily so that you do r have to unplug it when you repair the laptop-as soon as power is plugged into charge the laptop the battery reconnects, Framework is considering making it permanently toggable but has stated that it’s pretty far on the list of features to implement

Best practice would to restrict charging to 80 percent of capacity in the EC once Framework enables that in the BIOS or if you’re brave enough-set that yourself in the EC

I’m definitely with you on leaving the battery off if it’s going to spend a fair amount of time plugged in-no need to waste charge cycles or damage the battery unnecessarily

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Ditto this. My laptop is docked at home the majority of the time but I do still take it when visiting clients on-site, taking trips, going to my local maker space, etc. Before getting my Framework, I used my XPS 13 in a similar way for about 5 years and haven’t had any issues with that battery, so it hadn’t even occurred to me. I’d probably end up using the BIOS battery toggle if/when it becomes available

@GhostLegion Thanks for those details about… I thought it was a permanent option. For the Frame folks, I would also like to be able to permanently toggle this option…

And, I’d like % options on battery charging, since I keep it plugged in all the time…

I used to use the Linux Thinkpad battery package TLP and it was awesome… it handled all %s automagically and had special settings FOR the ThinkPad. However, I think it will work with any laptop - I’m going to look into that, and you might like the software too, if on Linux.

Thanks for the chat.

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