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Hey guys,
I recently read a thread on reddit (cant find it right now unfortunatly) where there was a video linked in which 2 laptops with identical specs (excluding the cpu ) were compared on battery life. It was an i5 1240p vs i7 1260p. In this test the i7 came out significantly better.

I found it really interesting and would like to do some framework comparisons on that to see if it is generally true for these CPUs or if it is just an anomaly for this specific laptop (again, I unfortunatly dont remember which one it was).

Here is where I need your help.
I have an i5 1240p and could run a test on this model, but I would need someone with an 17 1260p (and possibly more than one) who would run the same test. It should be on the same OS (i think windows is easier to compare here, as there are not as many configuration options) and I would suggest to run the test without any expansion cards plugged in, as they can draw a different amount of power IRC.

I have not decided on a benchmark, as I dont really know any for battery life, but i will look into this, if there is interest.

Would anyone of you be able/willing to help me on this?

If you have any ideas to improve this, please let me know

These would also need the same RAM, SSD and same Windows 11 installation (best would be a blank one with just the latest drivers and BIOS update installed and everything else untouched)

Ideally, yes, but Just controlling for the OS and Expansion would be fairly easy and with a big enough sample size RAM and storage shoudnt matter as much IMO.

You also need to control for battery age. Ideally you’d use the same battery for each test since otherwise you need to test on many systems to account for process variation.

Even without that there’s process variation on the CPU side, though binning into part numbers should reduce the range.

Yeah, but you could maybe use Windows internal Battery report
I dont know how well it works compared to Real live, but you could at least get an estimate.

Also a Moderator change the title and added for 12. Th gen, but if There are people who want to share results on 11th gen, we could Do a comparison There as well.

That was not a moderator, but another user who is active enough to achieve Regular status, which enables them to change titles. I’ve changed it back to reflect your intentions.

Oh sorry my mistake, I didnt know other users could do that.
This was not meant as an offense, I just wanted to add it for clarification.

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No worries. None taken.

Apparently, there is not as much interest, as I hoped, so this is not gonna work.