Battery Life concern

I recently found frame work laptop from Linus tech Tips channel , i really liked everything about this laptop ,but my only concern is that the battery lifetime.
I couldn’t find the number of hours previously correctly . I saw that battery life varies from 4 hours to 10. I wonder how many hours will I have approximately while coding ( web programming React/Vue.js )using web browser , editor(visual studio code / webstorm ) , with normal ( medium brightness level ) on windows 10 balanced power settings no tweaks whatsoever .
Build of ( processor of i5 1135g7 , 1x 16 GB Ram, WD 500GB SN750 ) .

Probably will get 4 - 5 hours. I would get 6 doing basic word processing

In a well tuned EndeavourOS (arch) Linux and I’m getting consistently 10-11 hours in mixed web browsing, 3d printer slicing, etc workloads. 8-9 in local video playback. Both with medium ~100-200 nits brightness…

Extending endurance away from plugs using external battery packs also works quite well, depending on the size and output power of your packs.

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That is really amazing. Did you follow the steps in the guides posted in the forums or did you tune it yourself? I’m getting around 6-8 hours on my EndeavourOS setup with Medium-Low nits brightness.

Do you mind if I ask you to share your settings / tweaks? It would be interesting, not only fo Arch (and derived) users, but for any Linux users in general. Thanks!

Factors that helped me get down to 102000 current_now in super low power idle testing are mostly here:

and here:

A few updates though, I’m now using plasma+X11 instead of Wayland as my daily driver DE, as Wayland seems to have some ugly regressions and higher idle use lately. I think I might also have missed documenting one TLP parameter that also helped, setting pcie_aspm to superpowersave via tlp-gui…


Yeah, I’m doing the same: Wayland it’s a great idea, but not mature enough to be used as a daily driver (unless you are trying to contribute to it finding things that need to be fixed / improved). I’m more a Gnome guy, but I’m trying to use i3 (on X11) as daily driver with the final goal of being much more familiar with the concept of using a GUI almost entirely with the keyboard; I already am very familiar with Vim (my editor of choice, even for coding), why shouldn’t I succeed with i3 too?

Thanks for sharing!