[RESPONDED] How's battery life on Intel 13th gen under Linux?

Total battery runtime, idle consumption, consumption with different workloads…

Please specify the workload, screen brightness, whether some peripherals are turned off, and of course distro/level in use.

As a FW13 AMD 7840U user disappointed with battery life (at least on Linux) I’m curious to know if the grass is greener on the other side.


Just my two cents from amd fw side:
My battery life in semi idle (music streaming / social media checking from time to time) around… 4-5 hours (with the battery caped at 70% and i doesn’t let the battery go below 20%). I also minimise firefox to reduce load while i’m not at the laptop.

Which is pretty much compared to my old thinkpad, which lasted around two hours XDD

Seriously no one bought this with a 13th gen Intel to use it with Linux?
Come on don’t be shy :smiley:

Not sure how many users have it and use the forums.
I guess most have either the 12th gen or AMD 13th one, as the difference between 12 and 13 intel does not justify the price.


Not Intel, also 7840; but since this is the first day I’ve been able to use my laptop without crippling issues it made me curious. Had the laptop just sitting on the bed next to me at 35-40% brightness with the browser and 1-2 other light apps with light usage here and there. Not bad. Ubuntu 24.04 balanced power plan, 1 dimm, 990 pro 2tb.

What do you experience? You expect it to be much more efficient? Are you used to a Mac? My previous AMD Zen 3+ Elitebook battery life was very meh, this is pretty impressive comparatively.

Video I agree, atrocious. VLC h264 decoding at low bit rate 1080P you can barely leave the reaches of your power adapter.

and thanks for chiming in :slight_smile:

Your discharge looks already better than mine, at roughly 10%/hour with a 61Wh battery it means ~6W usage. My average with light usage is more in the 8-10 range. I also have the 7840U with 2xDDR5 5600 (Crucial) + 1TB Lexar NM790 (apparently one of the most efficient NVMe 4x4 out there).

I’m not used to a Mac (although I saw what Apple silicon is capable of…), just a simple Dell XPS of a few years ago, with an 11th gen i7 and 16GB of LPDDR (which helps no doubt) and a lower resolution display. It would idle at ~2-3W on Linux, and would decode a full HD yt stream at ~5-6W. I could tipically squeeze out 8-10 hours of light use, which seems impossible here.

Maybe because my definition of light use involved watching yt and HW decoding on Zen4 is still atrocious under Linux, I dunno…

Fact is, I was expecting to get much better battery life with a 2-3 year jump in core design and larger battery, even if I gave up soldered RAM and have a higher resolution display.

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On zen4 (the cpu cores) it’s actually pretty good, the hw decoder on the gpu uses way too much power though XD. For now it unfortunately looks like below 1080p 30 the hw decoder is worse than cpu decoding on linux. I am contemplating just turning it off for now but then going over that is going to be brutal, 4k 60 on cpu is quite bad and 8k 60 uses all the power and even then skips frames while the hw decoder does that no problem (using like half a watt more than 4k 60).

It’s kind of a shame as the power efficiency is pretty great as long as no video is involved. Thanks to the bigger battery it still gets more effective battery life doing video playback than my old t480s but just barely.

Same here, except I was coming from similar resolution and socketed ram. I have come to term with idle not being much better but the video playback bit isn’t funny. To be fair it would be better if I was running windows.


For Intel, we recommend looking into our TLP recommendations. However, we are exploring replacing this with TuneD guidance in the near future for Intel.

Recent upgrade from 11th Gen i5 to 13th Gen i5, running Arch Linux, Hyprland DE (Wayland based), TLP installed and mostly default setup, 40GB RAM on two mismatched DDR4-3200 sticks, Solidigm P41 Plus 2TB SSD, Mediatek RZ606 WiFi card with Bluetooth on but not always connected or actively in use, 2x USB-A, 2x USB-C

Idle at graphical desktop and mid screen brightness and low keyboard backlight is ~3-4W. Max brightness puts it more like 4-5W.

About a billion tabs open in Vivaldi brings that up to ~6-8W.

Video playback around 8-10W, more in Kodi or browser, less in VLC playing back the same file.

Worst load I’ve seen is about ~25W continuous running duperemove, some Steam games, etc. No issues with the fan pulling enough heat out of the case.

In general, clearly more efficient but not shockingly so than the 11th Gen.

However, YBLMV