Bazzite Community Page Framework Laptop 16

This will serve as the community page for Bazzite on the Framework Laptop 16. You can find the install guide for this new community support distribution here.

Get Bazzite from:

Official announcement: Bluefin/Bazzite for Framework laptops - Framework Laptops - Universal Blue


Amazing how much support Framework has gotten from Bazzite! Hopefully this relationship can continue to grow, and I’ll definetly give it a shot.


The entire Ublue team has bent over backward to make this rock. As the announcement says, it’s an ongoing WIP, but it’s really good right now! I am on it now (Bluefin).


Gonna overwrite Ubuntu with Bazzite. Thanks to everyone who worked on this. Steam Deck was my first Linux experience, and Bazzite is really gonna up the game for bringing that experience to my FW16. I’m only just learning about it’s existence.