[RESPONDED] Anyone with AMD based framework has experience feedback with Bazzite OS from Fedora?

Hello there,
I’m wondering if anyone has some feedback about Bazzite OS from Fedora (https://bazzite.gg) that is discussed in this topic
Custom Fedora OCI images for Framework laptops - #55 by Jorge_Castro

It seems to be game oriented with an up to date GPU stack and even a game mode integration with Steam while it can be used for day to day work…

Well, I’m just a casual gamer (mostly playing Ark and One Man Sky) and plan to use mostly my futur FW16 for work stuff around development and QA/automation. I’m just wondering about having an immutable OS and targeting the most recent driver stack I can get.

Any feedback for this OS as a day to day environment ?
I’m wondering about the optimizations around the battery, can we expect the same as a traditional Fedora installation ?
Or could it be better with Tuned ?
Does the suspend / hibernate works well on it ?
Benchmark wise, does it has any values over some existing game oriented distibutions ?

Of course, I’ll get those answers as soon as I receive my FW and tinker around, but any feedbacks from you people would be much appreciated.
Thanks !

Interesting Image rebase, btw the site you linked seems to 404

Thank’s I’ve fixed the link but … I don’t understand why changing the title as “responded” …