Belgium VAT Invoice

Hi there ,im planning on buying a Framework Laptop 13 via my business in Belgium.
At the checkout i see that they are taxing VAT.

Is Framework a registered company in Belgium? i need to know this for the VAT invoice.

Would probably be best to ask Support directly about the details.

I’m from Germany and I got an invoice with a German VAT ID on it.

Hi. I bought a FW13 through my company in Belgium. I received a VAT invoice with a French VAT number on it, and Framework refunded the VAT amount after I provided them my VAT details. I had to ask for the invoice after purchase, although I seem to remember reading somewhere that it can now be done online (at time of purchase maybe?)


Concerning VAT, see this section from How do I obtain an invoice for my fully paid Framework order?

If you are in one of our officially supported countries listed in the knowledge base article HERE, purchased as a business, require additional information to be added to the invoice such as your VAT ID, or are eligible for 0% VAT (VIES verification required), please contact Framework Support and one of our agents will assist you by verifying eligibility, refunding VAT paid, and preparing an updated invoice.