Where can I find my invoice?

My received my laptop a few days ago; I ordered it for work. I need to find my invoice so that I can expense it, and so far I haven’t been able to find my invoice anywhere on the site.

The order confirmation and shipment email have the price, but not the usual detailed information about taxes. If I don’t get an invoice, then I can’t expense it and can’t get my money back, so I’ll have to return it.

Where can I find my invoice?

Unfortunately they don’t seem to issue formal invoices. That’s what I received from support when I asked about it:

... we do not support ... formal invoicing at this time

For both customs and my accountant (and local tax authorities) I used the shipping notice which has a detailed list of items with individual and total prices. For accounting purposes the company credit card statement also shows the amount has been spent (which is actually even more important) so that should be fine here with my (German) tax authorities.

Hi everyone,
13 months later and EU expansion. Does anyone know if Framework by now has implemented to issue formal invoices for download or email? They have manged to collect the payment, at least for EU customers.

Yeah they are collecting VAT here and are happy to take money, but then can’t provide invoices.