Benchmark ÷ price vs others?

I’m trying to find various benchmarks to compare against laptops of similar spec.

I want to take the benchmark, divide it by the price, and compare that to various macbooks and thinkpads. I want to see how much of a premium I need to pay for the repairability.

Have you seen anyone do this before?
What benchmarks should I be searching for? Perhaps I can combine them together, or maybe that’s what it necessary?

Notebookcheck. You can put in any laptop they’ve tested into any of their tables or graphs.

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Notebookcheck is great. So much valuable information. I always use them when comparing laptops.


Remember that part of it is offsetting future costs. Since you save by being able to upgrade your just motherboard when the time comes, instead of buying a whole new laptop.

I appreciate the link, but I’m afraid the ratings at Notebook Rating Table - Reviews are in a percentage format, which doesn’t divide into $

Do it manually?

There shouldn’t be many prices to research.

Just having trouble finding used prices for the Framework 13. Keeping it simple, and comparing the 13 to previous years Mac M1s, show that the differences are:

  • losing battery life. But carry a spare.
  • a very nice touchpad
  • native OSX. Could be emulated via a VM, but this seems a bit wonky

General specs for a similar priced mac seem to be roughly the same.

They can be repaired and upgraded, so nobody sells them


Well not strictly true, but they haven’t been out very long and as you say, it makes more sense to upgrade.

I’ve only used laptops since 1996 and replaced with a new model when it becomes defunct

I still have my Dell 4150 but it isn’t used and a couple of others :slight_smile:

The laptop breaks the spell, absolute magic


Let’s see if this can last 20 years and outlast m

Repairability, upgradeability, configurability, capability…there are a lot of abilities Framework offers over traditional manufacturers that make it tough to compare a Framework to the big guys. I think we get a lot for the “premium”, though I personally would not even define the premium by comparing benchmark/price. It really depends what you want your laptop for.

Frameworks, Thinkpads, and MacBooks are all very different machines so I’d make that comparison with plenty of grains of salt handy and probably, in the end, just go with my gut. One of them should really be tugging at your heart more than the others, and I’d say just take a deep breath and go all in for that one and I doubt you’ll be disappointed. I also doubt there’s an answer that won’t have you wondering what could have been if you chose differently, unfortunately!


Good advice.

…Then I’ve become a dirty Apple guy :disappointed:

Haha nah, no shade from me here. I still love and regularly use my 2015 Air. Yeah the company blows and I hate what they’ve done to the secondary market, but MacBooks are undeniably slick and pretty darn future-proof (or at least future-resistant). Apple may be the villain, but I can’t imagine a world without them!