Buying a used framework laptop in the other half of the world

Hello everyone, i’m new here first time posting
(Sorry if it’s not the right category)

I want some edvice about buying a framwork where it’s hard to get support/parts

I’m from Algeria where change parts are hard to come by and expensive to import

I saved up to buy a laptop and found guy selling a framwork 13 for an equivalent to 600€ ish used

He also has other similarly spected laptops for around the same price (apart from the P series chip)

I want to know if it’s good idea buying it knowing that i can’t get parts for it easily
I watched some reviews and like it
But i want to ask about the battery (did it get a final fix) specially in linux
And the trackpad i saw a youtuber complaing about it ¯_ (ツ) _/¯

The laptop is still 150€ away from my budget so i need to save/work this summer to buy it sooo i want to know if beeing an early adopter of a really new product a good idea

Thank you :wink:

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If you are buying secondhand, that’s fine, but you will be completely unable to get replacement parts, warranty or otherwise.

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Dear user,

I would not recommend to get a laptop in a region where it’s hard to find support for it.

Ultimatively it’s your decision and your risk, but I believe if something were to happen and you end up not being able to use your laptop and not being able to repair it you would be very annoyed/depressed.

While I do wish everybody would own a Framework I have to say that the ability to get official support is very important.


Well actually i can’t get warranty for any laptop frombany brand in algeria so warranty is not an issue for me

It’s just the early adopter hiccups like the battery problems … And long term longevity i’m kinda worried about

Other then that it’s like buying any other laptop where i live (like the same no warranty no support u’re on ur own)

Thx for repling BTW :smile:

If you are referring to the RTC/CMOS problem then the 12th Gen doesn’t have that. As for parts you will have to go, say to France, and ask a friend to buy with their card and address, again with no official support.

All the best

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Thx for replying

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I’d say it would be a good buy. If no brand cares enough about Algeria (an unfortunate situation) to have warranty support there, then Framework is actually probably the best option. I can think of only two parts that you might have trouble sourcing replacements for. The display panel and the battery. The battery you would only want to get from Framework and but the display panel you could probably get from Aliexpress as replacement panels not sold by Framework are known. The rest of the components shouldn’t fail anytime soon so by the time they become a concern it should be years and ideally the situation will have improved with parts supply. And the community here is top-notch, so I at least would want to help if I could in some way.


Can the battery life be extended >5h ?

Honestly that’s my only issue

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Personally? I’d say no. I have a 1240P and I use TLP with Linux and I never have the screen that bright either and I get only 3-4 hours with a 90% full battery. Perhaps if I used all USBC expansion cards and switched off wifi I could improve things. That’s something I can test today actually.


On Fedora 38 with an i7-1260p I get 9.5-11hrs on battery at 35% brightness, wifi active, turbo off. I avoid video and teleconferencing while on battery, along with compiling. This is primarily running Firefox, evolution, and multiple terminals.


That is an issue.

Can you get a car charger 12V to USB PD and connect to a larger ‘12V battery’

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+1 for Fedora’s battery life when throttled. I can get around 6h of intermittent notetaking use with Windows, where for Fedora it’s more like 8. No other distro has done that much; I’m going to chalk it up to powerprofiles-daemon.