Bezel doesn't sit right after switching to CNC top cover

I have an 11th gen framework, and just upgraded the top cover to the CNC version. Everything works great except that the top of the bezel, to the left and right of the webcam, don’t sit flush. After poking at the new top cover, it doesn’t look like it’s possible for the bezel to sit flush. I looked and didn’t see any notes about that on the store page or in the upgrade guide for either the bezel or the CNC top cover.

I can see on the old top cover where the bezel flaps line up, and it still fits just fine there. On the new top cover, I can see grooves that match where the flaps are on the bezel, but I don’t see how the flaps could fit into them, they’re not deep enough.

I also didn’t see anything anywhere about a new bezel version or anything that would explain this. The laptop was purchased at least a year after the 11th gen started shipping, so it seems unlikely that I would’ve gotten beta hardware or anything like that.

Am I just doing something wrong? Do I need to buy a new bezel? Here’s the best picture I could get of the issue:

I would try contacting Framework support if you haven’t already. There is a chance that you installed something wrong, or that the CNC top cover you got was bad, but it should be a drop-in replacement.

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I have a similar problem with my new Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series). Was customer service able to resolve your problem?

FWIW, for my bezel, the lower left of corner does not sit flush, and this actually causes the bezel to catch on the laptop each time I opened the cover!