Bezel with privacy screen protector

Hello! I would like to add a privacy screen protector to my laptop.
Since bezel is capable of DIY, why not make a bezel with a privacy screen protector?


Because it would look terrible

For best results, screen protectors should be adhered to the screen, the gap from a “floating” protector wouldn’t look as good

Why is the method of attaching screen protectors problematic? I’m just curious

Although you could always DIY your bezel yourself and glue a privacy protector to it


Privacy SP (screen Protectors) are much thicker than matt SP or just clear SP so that extra thickness under the bezel may interfere with your Laptop closing and putting extra stress on the screen that you don’t want.
The farther the Privacy screen is away from the screen the more fuzziness you will get, ie air gap between the SP and the screen. I would recommend ordering a privacy filter with dimensions that will fit within the Bezel screen area. This will allow for easy application and avoid any interference from extra material under the bezel. Or an Adhesive SP for a more permanent solution for a Privacy SP.


For folks interested in this, Photodon now has custom fit privacy screen protectors available: Framework 13.5-inch Laptop Privacy and Screen Protectors