Recommend matte screen covers?

I just put and order in at via screens. Anyone received one from them and have a good exp?

Several people are using the Via Screens protector on this thread:

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I am happy with the one I put on. There is a post in the community where someone used the dust tape and damaged his screen. So be careful.

Very pleased with my Via matte protector. But as mentioned, don’t use the included dust removal sticker. It’s way too strong. Either use some Scotch tape or skip that altogether. Oh, and take the bezel off the monitor first. Much easier.

I got one from photodon (~30$ w/ shipping) and it’s worked nicely for me, although it doesn’t cover the whole screen and leaves small gaps on the edges (<1mm). As long as I’m not looking for it, this isn’t something I usually notice unless I’m in an exceptionally bright environment. This kit also came with 2 microfiber cloths and a spray bottle of screen cleaner, which you may consider an added value.
When I first applied it, I had a number of air bubbles, but they worked themselves out after a little pressure and time, so I didn’t have to lift the protector or anything. Not sure if this is a feature or if I just got lucky.

How do these protective screen covers compare to a factory built matte screen? Does the cover have any disadvantages? Definitely want a matte screen - so the question is whether to wait (until one becomes available), to buy another notebook - or to get a Framework notebook with such a cover.

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When I used a privacy shield on a Macbook, I found it was quite effective at protecting against both reflections and rubber-neckers. Putting it on was a breeze and it was matte.

I think this one for 13.5 inch screens is similar:

Adding an anti-glare layer does wonders, but no matte LCD screen will ever be as readable as an E-Ink display. If Framework were to pursue using epaper for the main display they might build a loyal following.

I just ordered a Privacy Lite Screen Protector from viascreens and will report back as soon as my Framework Laptop arrives. This one is matte, but of course it will not be that matte as the ones without privacy function. The other privacy screen protectors are glossy, I recommend to use the “compare” function at their website to get more information!