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I have a question about billing addresses when ordering a Framework laptop. I am shipping a laptop to a place in the US, but I would like to have the billing address to be in India. I believe that should be permitted, right?

Thank you.

That is incorrect. Does Framework support freight forwarding of products to unsupported countries/regions?

Honest question. I know they don’t support freight forwarding to unsupported countries, but this person wants to ship to the US, which is clearly a supported country. Is that not a different scenario? Is the issue that it’s being paid for in an unsupported country?

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I’m not Framework staff or mod, but I think the issue is that having a billing address in india means technically it is being sold to a person in india, an unsupported country, which Framework is not permitted to sell to.

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Quoting from the link I posted earlier:

Entering false billing information in an attempt to place an order with a payment method from an unsupported country/region will be automatically flagged for review and said orders are subject to cancelation.

Unless you plan to ship to a family member/friend in the US, this is not allowed, and if you do use your family member or friend, they the one to place the order due to the billing address.

Honestly, not trying to be difficult, but that quote is about entering false billing information. To be fair to the OP, that didn’t seem to be their intention.

It seems to be a simple matter that neither the shipping address nor the payment address can be in an unsupported location (and trying to subvert either of those rules is obviously a no-no), which is fine. No argument here. I just wanted to clarify. It seems like any ambiguity left hanging just leads to this question being asked over and over.

Thanks for all you do.

Thank you for your responses everyone. For full clarity, I am in India right now and I am moving to the US next week. My father wants to buy the laptop for me (from India). We discussed that we would ship it to the US with my US address and pay with his account from the Indian billing address. I do not know (or think) exceptions can be made in this scenario.

I might just have to pay by myself once I am in the US.


One week shouldn’t make too big of a difference given that orders are shipping within 3-5 business days for Intel FW13, and if you plan on going AMD, it should still be the same batch. I’d say save the hassle of the potential of a blacklisted card or cancelled pre-order and order it yourself.

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