Planning to use a debit card from an unsupported country to pay

Hi. So I’m about to make an order for a Framework laptop. I was planning to receive my order in Germany. Furthermore, I was planning to pay using a debit card from a country to which Framework does not ship anything. So the billing and delivery addresses would not match. Is it possible? I’ve read a couple of posts from the past citing this as a problem and that basically Framework does not allow this. Is it still the case? I can try to ask my relative to pay with their UK debit card for me and still receive it in Germany. But in this case the delivery and billing address will not match either. I have no other payment option available.

If you are ordering from an unsupported EU country, you still should be able to use your debit card to place the order. You may receive an email that the order is under further review due to mismatched details but it should be manually approved by support.

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Thanks for the post. So basically, I’m currently in a third-world country which Framework does not support and will place the online order from here. I will specify Germany as my delivery address and use a debit card from this third-world country and hence the billing address will also be from this third-world country. Is this possible? Sorry if this is redundant. Just to make sure

Unfortunately, if that payment method is from a non-EU country, the order may outright not go through (due to using unsupported payment method) or may be cancelled upon further review due to Freight Forwarding concerns. The best option would be to ask a friend/relative in Germany to purchase it on your behalf but you can try using your UK relative to see if it works.

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Likely not, Framework will usually block purchases where the card is from another country than the delivery adress.

You’ll have to have a person in Germany who acts as the owner towards Framework who both pays and receives the laptop (and handles warranty cases and so on if necessary).

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Thanks Jonathan. Unfortunately don’t have anyone in Germany who would be willing to pay. What are your thoughts on the option involving my UK relative? Will the Framework approve delivery to Germany with payment originating from UK? I mean, both countries are supported.

No idea, haven’t heard about this combination. If you have a relative in the UK, can’t they both pay and receive the package?

Which country are you in?
You can express an interest in the FW13/FW16 from your country, and if there is enough demand, FW might add it.
I don’t think you will be able to order a FW13/16 laptop until they do though.