Shipping to currently unsupported countries

Hi all. I’m Mark Laslett. I want to purchase a Framework 16 to replace my old MS Surface - the battery is dying! Was looking for a laptop where the battery was replaceable and saw the Framework ad. The modularity impressed me. I travel to Europe, the Americas & need a computer with grunt that will not die with the battery!

I live in NZ & Framework doesn’t ship there yet, though it does ship to Australia. I do have family in Australia who could on-ship to me, but that seems clunky and unnecessary. I cannot find where to have a discussion with Framework Sales to see if shipping to NZ is possible. Any suggestions?

My first trip is late April so some urgency exists. Thanks in addvance.

Hey Mark, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
I think there are a lot of people from different countries waiting for shipping to theirs. However, Discussion of Freight Forwarding is Prohibited as you can read in that post.
So from their side they’re most probably not going to support shipping to unlisted countries on an individual basis, and discussing forwarding is not welcome here. I suppose you’ll have to find a solution with your relatives in Australia.

Ah. Sorry. Didn’t mean to offend. Will try to sort out an Aussie link
Thanks for fast response. Appreciated

While the use of Freight Forwarding companies is not allowed (outside of the EU), Framework mods do allow discussion of a family member purchasing a laptop for you. Which is what @Mark_Laslett mentioned. So he’s ok.

I’m afraid having family purchase a laptop for you will be the only option. Be aware that the payment method must also be theirs / based in a supported country. And the laptop will belong to them for the purpose of any warranty. It comes down to the fact that Framework just doesn’t have the permission to sell in unsupported countries / to residents. It’s not Framework trying to be difficult or anything. Playing by the rules helps them when working on permission to sell there.

You’re ok to discuss this. As long as no one talks about using paid Freight Forwarding services.

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I had my FW13 shipped to Canada only days before my father was able to bring it over to NZ. He flies to NZ every year so in 2024, I look for him to bring a FW16.

Paying for 2 lots of shipping isn’t ideal. Perhaps over time FrameWork will include NZ as one of their places they will ship.

I think you will find that it comes down to being suitably registered with the local tax authorities for the purpose of collecting VAT (in NZs case, in other countries the local sales tax goes by other names) and arranging for a local agent that can be chased by the taxman when there are problems.

are you in NZ? If so where? I would like to see it working if possible! I am in Christchurch
Thanks for info

I appreciate that issue & certainly don’t criticise Framework on that. Getting an agent here shouldn’t be that difficult. There are any number of small companies who can manage sales & repairs. I wouldn’t use the big retailers as the after sales service usually is very average at best.

Quite the coincidence, yes I am in Christchurch. I’m not sure what more you would get by seeing the laptop in person. After using it for the past month (running Ubuntu) I can’t say it’s been revolutionary compared to any other laptop. My previous setup was a ThinkPad X61 with my external monitor rotated in portrait. Yes the FW13 is a lot faster and I can view in 4K off YouTube no problem, but it’s not something I am raving about. What would be more useful for me is more full featured keyboard like the early ThinkPads that had full dedicate Fn row buttons and PgPupHomeEnd keys without having to press the Fn button all the time. I am a LOT slower having to press 2 buttons to navigate around my work.

My son has been nagging me hard for a gaming PC and the FW16 looks promising. I’ve seen many others over the several years go with Dell, Asus, HP, etc. laptops and overall, they’re still junk compared to the early ThinkPads. Yes they’re faster because of newer CPUs but I truly miss ‘drop dock’ style connectivity vs physically grabbing a USB-C cable to plug into a dongle.

As for FrameWork shipping to NZ, I am uncertain as they will need to be GST registered and the extra accounting may not be worth it. If they sell through an online portal like AliExpress, the process is more simple.

Thanks for that. Still wouldn’t mind seeing it. The absence of the top row of function keys is always an issue with most laptops. I have had 2 Surface laptops over last 6 years. They are OK - nice & light / compact, but that is over-rated compared to ease of use and functionality.
My email is if you are OK for me to come & look at the Framework.