BIOS feedback and suggestions

I love the Framework laptop, and setup was a breeze. A couple items to improve the laptop even more:

Allow more BIOS customization, such as

  • Toggle fn-lock in the BIOS
  • Toggle power button backlight on/off (it’s rather bright as-is)

I imagine this would be controlled by the EC and thus is already editable by those with the skillz to do so

Hit fn-esc to toggle function lock while your system is on. You can do this from anywhere, including while you’re booted up in the OS. Functionality is actually already in the BIOS, just doesn’t have its own GUI setting you can nicely toggle.


This, and other command suck as fn-space for backlit keyboard, are great commands to know.

Is there some cheat sheet and/or listing of all the commands for the frame? Seems like knowing some might be helpful.

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@Paulie420 there is a pinned topic regarding the BIOS/UEFI

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I missed your reply, but thanks - I do know of the BIOS post - but didn’t notice these different system wide keymappings. I’ll take a look again, just to have them all.

Lol, one thing I miss even tho it wouldn’t work today with all the fluid updating and changes that happen, are printed manuals for software, hardware and everything in between. Hell- I wish we still used the IBM style books within heavy cardboard shells. :stuck_out_tongue:
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