Bluetooth still ON with the lid closed (AMD, Win 11)


I have noticed that the Bluetooth on my AMD F13 is still active even with lid closed, even when the adapter power setting is set to allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. On Microsoft forums, they seem to indicate that this is controlled by the manufacturer of the main board. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn off WiFi and BT when the lid is closed?

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If your computer is on, and you have bluetooth enabled it will be on. Even on modern standby bluetooth devices can stay connected.

You can disable connected standby as one solution.

When you say your lid is closed, is it in standby?

I am not sure what you mean by Stand-By. Windows 11 power plan is set to put PC to sleep after 3 minutes. If there are any other power-saving modes I am not sure how to control or enable them

Is there anyone else having the same issue?

Between 6 and 20 years ago, all laptops/desktops used “s3” sleep mode, this is probably what you’re used to. Modern laptops don’t do that, they basically act like smartphones/tablets and just try to “idle” all components and use very little power while staying basically on and able to fully wake-up in a handful of milliseconds. Theoretically this should work great, in practice it has not worked great on many laptop models from major vendors like Dell, HP, Lenovo etc over the past 5 years.

Anyway, you’ll want to go into the advanced power settings, to disable “Networking Connectivity in standby”, see

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… thinking about it more, I realize that “networking connectivity” probably won’t include bluetooth, which is probably kept enabled in case you have a bluetooth keyboard or mouse you want to wake the system with … you may also want to mess with the “USB selective suspend” setting in advanced power options, or the adapter’s own power settings, mentioned which I found mentioned here:

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Yes I have the same issue. Bluetooth and wifi remain activated when the laptop is in standby. Is there already a solution?

Hi and welcome.

I would think ‘Standby’ or ‘Sleep’ by closing the lid is meant to keep everything but the screen awake to inputs basically.

It can be ‘woken’ by opening the screen or by a bluetooth or network command maybe even NFC so they must be ON/Enabled unless you turn them OFF before closing the lid.

I suppose it’s more about what you want ‘Standby’ for, what state do you want the computer to be.

I use hibernate originally took 8 seconds to screen up for use and all exactly as it was before I close the lid, but otherwise everything is OFF.

Now with Windows 22H2 and a few apps initiated it takes 18 seconds. Standby isn’t worth the hasle for me.

Standy with battery drain and live modules is not what I want.