Boot up noise?

I’ve noticed a little beeping/whirring noise on boot up (from hibernation at least) and I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Thoughts?

If I had to guess, I’d say its just the EC initializing the fan. Does it die back down or ramp up or what?

It’s like a repeating 3 tone arpeggio that starts up after the fan and stops right before it loads in the lock screen.
This might help:

@Jonathan_Yun Not an electrical engineer by any stretch but it sounds to me like coil whine or other electrical noise. Does it occur just on boot up or any time the fan is on?

Nope, just on boot up

And I’m mostly just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing

I think this is PWM fan speed control ramping the fan up from a stopped state. It’s in the audible frequency when it’s very low like that.

It can also sound like the ticking of a mechanical hard drive seeking.

It’s normal.

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There is ticking and then there is the whine that fan was making. I have never heard a laptop make a noise like that.

Mine will make a noise when then fan kicks on to get it going like mentioned above but not the whining like a bad belt in a car. I think my fan might be louder with a higher tone than normal but I’m not sure. Its hard to get a sound test.

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