Fan noise/whine on startup and under little load?

Hi, I’ve noticed the fan on my laptop seems to kick in very often. Whenever I wake it from sleep or boot it up the fan stays on for a few minutes, even if I’m not doing anything. With nothing but a browser open (<5 tabs), it constantly kicks in as well (usually for less than a minute). CPU temperature is usually around 40. I’m using the laptop on a desk, so airflow shouldn’t be obstructed. Has this been most people’s experience?

I’ve already replaced the fan+heatsink assembly once; the previous one buzzed at low speeds. The current fan doesn’t have that problem, but at low speeds it makes a whining sound and often pulsates between two speeds which makes it even more noticeable (I don’t believe the other fan was as whiny). I honestly prefer the sound at higher speeds under load when I hear mostly airflow. Does anyone else have this issue?

Batch 6 laptop, i7-1165, 16gb ram, 980 pro SSD

That sounds like normal operation. Do you know what the CPU load is at that time?

I do find that the cooling is a little aggressive (keeping temps low) but no worse than my old Lenovo. I’m hoping in future firmware updates that they will give more control over the fan curve.