Fan noise/whine on startup and under little load?

Hi, I’ve noticed the fan on my laptop seems to kick in very often. Whenever I wake it from sleep or boot it up the fan stays on for a few minutes, even if I’m not doing anything. With nothing but a browser open (<5 tabs), it constantly kicks in as well (usually for less than a minute). CPU temperature is usually around 40. I’m using the laptop on a desk, so airflow shouldn’t be obstructed. Has this been most people’s experience?

I’ve already replaced the fan+heatsink assembly once; the previous one buzzed at low speeds. The current fan doesn’t have that problem, but at low speeds it makes a whining sound and often pulsates between two speeds which makes it even more noticeable (I don’t believe the other fan was as whiny). I honestly prefer the sound at higher speeds under load when I hear mostly airflow. Does anyone else have this issue?

Batch 6 laptop, i7-1165, 16gb ram, 980 pro SSD


That sounds like normal operation. Do you know what the CPU load is at that time?

I do find that the cooling is a little aggressive (keeping temps low) but no worse than my old Lenovo. I’m hoping in future firmware updates that they will give more control over the fan curve.

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Although the fans do sound A LOT better than the ones on my Dell XPS 15 from 2017, I find the switching between higher and lower cooling speeds to be a bit annoying, making me think that the fan curves are indeed too aggressive. It’s hard to find something on this in the community…is this normal bevahiour? That said, the fans stay off in my machine most of the time, running the FW in battery saver helps to keep the TDP of the CPU low enough.

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There’s a windows process that runs just after startup or from sleep which can peg one of the processors and cause the fans to come on. Runs for a short while then stops. There’s a database file which you can delete after stopping the process. Windows then rebuilds that database and the problem is fixed. Happened with my non framework laptop when I got it new, so it could also be your issue.
High CPU from Diagnostic Policy Service
end task “Service Host: Diagnostic Policy Service”
under services, stop Diagnostic Policy Service
type %WinDir%\System32\sru and then delete the SRUDB.DAT file
restart computer


The fan noise was significant particularly as Win 11 opens (USB-C dock connected with two monitors). I set turbo boost to ‘Efficient Aggresive’ (didn’t disable completely) and I’ve not heard the fan since. Instructions here - Reddit - Dive into anything