Hearing Mechanical Sounds from Laptop

I don’t know if this is unique to me or not, but I was wondering if anyone here has heard mechanical sounds coming from their DIY edition. I’ve noticed it ever since I got it a few weeks ago, but it’s bugging me enough to want to ask around.

I’m hearing what sounds like an intermittent grind/click when using the laptop that I assume is coming from the fan. It’s not harsh and it doesn’t sound like anything’s broken, but it’ll be virtually silent and then after about 20 seconds you’ll hear a kind of quick grinding/clicking sound.

Additionally, if I close the lid to put the laptop into sleep mode, I can put my ear up to the bottom of the machine and hear what I can only describe as processing/electrical noises. Again, it’s not a harsh sound, but it was noticeable enough that I heard it when it was closed, on my lap, with the TV on. I kept the lid closed for some time to see if it would dissipate, but no luck.

It’s been a while since I’ve owned my own laptop so maybe I’m looking a little too into it, but I have used a few work laptops over the past 2 years and I at least remember never hearing a whirring/clicking noise while using one.

If anyone else experiences this I’d love to know and if there’s a potential fix for it that would be great as well.


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Yes both these have been noticed and mentioned here.

I also hear the mechanical noise, kind of like a quiet HDD click (except no one here has a mechanical HDD!) Apparently it’s the fan controller at a very low RPM, when it first starts up it makes a little click (PWM control if I recall correctly), then it stops then starts again.

The other issue you mention is coil whine. It’s been mentioned here but I’ve never experienced it.

The Framework team is aware of both issues and working on fixes.


I feel much less crazy now! Thanks for the response.

I’ve heard coil whine in my PS5 before, but I don’t really hear it anymore so maybe there’s hope!


it have to do with the switching power regulator. When sleep/screen off the adjust frequency is low enough to be heard. (a.k.a. think power hum, except its from the switching regulator)

This can also be seen on other (typically older) systems like Dell XPS L321X or, a lot more rarely, the XPS 9360.

I assume so. Fans starting up and turning off.

Do we know if any fix for this has been found? I’ve been using mine for about a month now, and it’s just started today.