Brave browser crashes - Windows 10 21H1

Hey Folks,

Any of you running into issues with Brave browser application crashes? I am seeing a ton of it and in the process of troubleshooting it. This is the only system that it is happening on.

My brave browser extensions are:
ublock origin
privacy badger
malwarebytes browser guard
duckduckgo privacy essentials
adobe reader

Any one else having issues?

The obvious has been ruled out:

  • full memtest86 has been completed (4 full passes)
  • disk has been tested
  • windows updates and drivers have been updated and are up to date

I would try starting Brave in safe mode and/or disabling all your extensions and enabling them only by one to see if you can determine if it’s an extension that’s giving you trouble.

That said, can I ask why you’re using Brave, a browser with ad and tracker blocking baked in, along with:
ublock - ad blocker
Privacy badger - tracker blocker
Malwarebytes - ad and tracker blocker
Duckduckgo privacy - tracker blocker

Can certainly try disabling the extensions and give it a shot. Although all my systems are configured the same, whether it is linux or windows - this is the only one that is experiencing crashes.

As for why these are being used - additional controls, custom lists, etc. Although the browser does have some elements of privacy and adblocking controls baked in, it is not very customizable.

Yes, the obvious has been ruled out.

Happens when you have 7-12 tabs open, happens at random times - logging in to amazon, browsing redflagdeals or hardware canucks or navigating this forum. opening multiple tabs and windows (maybe concurrent disk writes are causing this?).

If no one has experienced this thus far, then maybe it is an isolated incident.

Honestly this is an odd one and I haven’t hit this one before. There are .dmp files generated, probably for Brave devs to look at… I’ll see what I can do there.