Bulkier Locking Lugs for 3D FFF Printed Expansion Card Body

While developing a yet-to-be-released SNACK drawer, I have found that the locking lugs on the model provided by Framework do not hold up well when printed in PLA on an FFF printer (even with 0.1mm layer heights). As such, I have found it necessary to bulk the lugs up a bit so the card doesn’t slide out so easily.

Here is a model with the self-tapping screw holes modified with the bulkier lugs (+0.2mm taller, extended into the side to be flush with the USB-C hole). Enjoy!
expansionCardSelf-tappingBulkyLugs.stl (206.6 KB)


Nice adjustment- I had the same concern looking at it as well.
Something I’ve been thinking about is the DP/HDMI cards use metal sheets instead of the poly caps to get enclosure- it might be worth looking into how we can do that.

Frankly it would be nice if framework would sell “blanks” of the expansion card for devwork.

With Framework’s permission, I would be happy to sell and ship card blanks. What are your thoughts on selling 3D printed empty expansion cards with limited to no modifications to the nodels that you provide, @nrp?

My personal interest is more in the sheet metal bits moreso than the plastic part- both for color matching and for structure.
That said… I do have a hydraulic press and there has been success in 3d printed press-brakes.

Edit: also the extant models are released under cc by-4

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