Blank Expansion Card for Custom Development

Similar to Blanks for expansion ports? , but for purpose of creating custom extension cards. The cost to build a blank expansion cards for @Framework would be negligible (mass produced, injection molded).

The blank one can simply be the same plastic housing for USB-C expansion and the aluminum outer of the storage cards (that don’t have any opening). This way, no new tooling is required. If an opening is needed, someone can drill/cut it.

Advantage over 3D printing:

  • Cheaper (can’t beat injection molding)
  • Well tested for durability and fit and finish
  • Perfect aluminum color and finish match

What do y’all think?


I’d actually vote for this too if it can be sold cheap enough. Maybe selling them in packs?


Please make these available. Currently considering buying a USB-A expansion card to gut but also hate the idea of buying those internals specifically for them to immediately be e-waste. Will probably 3d-print one in the short term but would really prefer to have the matching fit/finish that the factory expansion cards offer.


The closest we have to this is either the Micro SD or audio cards (depending on the type of hole you need to cut) and e-wasting the internals. It would be great to have an intentional blank canvas, it would be as simple as selling the storage cards without any internals, and without assembling the housing.


I think this would have some real promise; whether it’s individual cards for hobbyists making their own modules, or bulk purchases by small businesses/startups intending to expand the module ecosystem.

Especially since this shell pack was added to the marketplace recently.

this would be useful for air gapped devices. I plan to use mine to update aircraft avionics and so covering all the ports prevent the laptop from having anything unwanted plugged into it.

I found that they’re selling broken DisplayPort cards with housing: Framework | Expansion Card Shell Pack (20-pack) so if you’re making custom cards you can work with that.

Still, a truly blank card would be great.